“Controlled Opposition, Gate Keeper, Agent Provocateur, Plant” — And the Giant Crime

“Controlled Opposition, Gate Keeper, Agent Provocateur, Plant”
And the Giant Crime 

by Jon Rappoport
September 21, 2022


Part One:

For the past 30 years, I’ve heard these terms thrown around. “Controlled opposition, gate keeper, infiltrator…”

In many cases, there wasn’t a shred of evidence on board. Not even a reasonable circumstantial case.

But people would direct these charges at someone AS IF they had the evidence in the bag.

“Did you read that ridiculous piece Fred wrote? It’s absurd. He’s controlled opposition. Someone higher up put him in an influential position to distract us from the truth, to block us from getting to the bottom of the rabbit hole. He’s an agent. He’s a plant.”

However, Fred actually has:

A blind spot on an issue.

He does good work in other areas, but on issue X he got it wrong.

Fred’s accuser has tried to reach Fred and convince him another issue must be covered, but the accuser couldn’t reach Fred. Therefore, Fred is a deceiver.

Fred isn’t perfect, and his accuser takes that as a sign that Fred must be controlled opposition.

Fred gets it wrong on issue X and then paints himself into a corner and refuses to admit he made a mistake. Instead, he doubles down. He looks ridiculous — so he must be an agent provocateur, a gate keeper, controlled opposition.

Because Fred got it wrong on issue X, everything else he talks about must be some kind of deception and an intentional limited hangout.

Fred’s accuser has spent years researching one particular issue, and Fred doesn’t talk about that issue, so Fred must be intentionally covering up the truth about the issue.

Fred hasn’t been attacked from all sides over the years. Therefore, he’s being protected by higher-ups. He’s controlled opposition.

Fred’s accuser thinks, “Since I know all about issues X, Y, and Z, Fred must know all about them, too, and yet he doesn’t talk about those issues, or he covers them superficially by my elevated standards. Therefore, Fred is a gate keeper, he’s a secret agent, he’s an infiltrator.”

Fred’s accuser has actually been through a very difficult meat grinder — a situation where he was wrongly and heavily attacked for doing a good and righteous thing. And so the accuser tends to be, shall we say, a bit oversensitive. Understandably so.

But then some superficial accusers go down this alley: Since there ARE actual persons who ARE put in place to deceive, confuse, and stir up trouble…Fred must be one of them. (The logic of that argument is stunning.)

People who have a habit of throwing around “controlled opposition” and similar terms, like hot burgers off the grill at a picnic…those people tend to have a paranoid world view (which is justified), but the world view gets out of hand. The world view becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Right next door to “he’s a gate keeper and controlled opposition,” we have: “He’s distracting us by covering the wrong issues. We should be focused on Q, R, S, not X, Y, Z.”

And it may be true that we should be focused on Q, R, S, but Fred isn’t trying to distract anybody. He thinks X, Y, and Z are important, and they are. Perhaps they’re not as important as Q, R, S, but so what?

To go down a different path, if Fred happened to be a person whose job it was to notice certain types of crimes and prosecute them in court, and there was a whole list of those crimes Fred obviously knew about, and yet he was doing nothing; then you would have a major case against Fred. That’s a different situation. And doing nothing while egregious crimes pile up is standard operating procedure in government work. Unfortunately.

But Fred isn’t that person. He’s a writer or a video maker or a broadcaster or an editor, and he happens to be limited, and from time to time he makes mistakes. Along the limited waterfront he’s covering, he makes mistakes.

Or Fred is on the crime beat, and he does expose a number of crimes, but not all of them, and not the favorite crimes of his accuser.

Or Fred deals with conspiracies of a deep nature, but not every conspiracy.

Or Fred works to pump himself up and embroider his reputation, and in that process, he sometimes jumps the fence and makes obviously wrong statements.

But he’s not a spy. He’s not a gate keeper. He’s not controlled opposition. He’s not a plant.

The unsupported and excessive spraying of these terms, like “controlled opposition,” into land, sea, and air, has a deleterious effect. It casts a weird glow. It distorts people and situations.

When I look back and think of times I was tempted to engage in that spraying of “controlled opposition,” there was a common denominator. I had my hands on a giant story. A giant crime. I had it nailed down. I put the story out there. And then I decided (rightly or wrongly) that nobody was listening. Nobody was paying attention. Nobody was willing to give the story the coverage it deserved.

And then I could say, if I wanted to — “There’s a whole lot of controlled opposition and gate keeping going on out there. Here’s one guy. There’s another. Here’s a third. They’re all intentionally covering up and deflecting the truth.”

And I was surely right. There were such people. Not the people I was thinking about, while I was so pissed off. But yes, there were such people. Probably a few. Like there always are. So what?

However, for the most part, the people who could have covered my story but didn’t: were afraid to; or were busy with other stories they knew were important; or were worn out; or were considering their audiences (what those audiences would think of my giant story); or just couldn’t see what I was driving at; or felt they lacked the knowledge to agree or disagree with me.

And regardless of their reasons (good or bad, understandable or not), those people who didn’t pick up on my story were not gate keepers or controlled opposition or hostile actors or plants or agents.

And if I went ahead and accused them of being those sorts of persons, that would be ridiculous. Laughable. Worst case, it would be like accusing a short order cook at a diner of intentionally keeping me away from the fantastically tasty Omaha steak he was storing in a special locked fridge — while serving me a cardboard burger instead. Because he was screwing with me. He was working for the elite Junk Food Association of America. And they knew who I was. For some criminal reason, they were keeping me away from the steak.

Nah. They were in the cardboard burger business. That’s all.

Now and then, while I’m sleeping, I might dream I’m chasing a bunch of these cardboard burger people down a long road, or they’re chasing me through a city, and they’ve got helicopters overhead, and they’re agents tasked with keeping my stories away from public view (by rubbing me out), but when I wake up, I shake that off and go to work. This work.

Part Two:

Now let’s look at an actual giant crime. For example, locking the world up.

I’m not talking about the COVID lockdowns. I mean the technocratic lock-up.

This would rate as a mother of all crimes.

You could loosely call this BEHAVIOR CONTROL.

From the top; coming down. Like a clean sanitized shit storm.


It looks nice and neat — it doesn’t have detritus and garbage hanging off of it. It operates smoothly. Like a well-tuned machine.

And you can find a place inside the machine, if you do what you’re told to do. That’s the basic principle, and as you can see, it isn’t very sophisticated.

Now, the technology applied to make the machine work and to keep everybody inside it — that is definitely sophisticated, and it’s improving all the time.

Ultimately, people themselves would be engineered, as in Huxley’s Brave New World, from the womb. That’s some serious fucking behavior control.

And face it, why wouldn’t tech people bent on running the world opt for that sort of control, if they could achieve it? Why stop short at cell phones that report your location and buzz your brain and listen to you talk when you’re not on the phone?

I could go on and paint all sorts of pictures of the Brave New World. I have, and so have others. The ID packages, the wall to wall surveillance, the guaranteed income linked to social credit score, the destructive vaccines, the top-down control of your bank account no matter where you bank, which means the seizure of your assets for any reason under the sun…

Bleak. Bad, bad shit. Universal MKULTRA.


And this is why I keep pushing my favorite theme. The umbrella term is Decentralization of Power. The specific is BULLY PULPIT.

Which means people stepping forward and going all-out to talk to their audiences every day on live stream and deliver what they see and know and believe — NO HOLDS BARRED — about the insanity in our midst, and what sanity would look like. In vivid terms.

No matter what. Come hell or high water.

In my current articles and podcasts, I provide numerous illustrations of how this bully pulpit could look and sound.

I guess you could boil this idea down to: telling the whole truth as you see it, without stinting, without using damped-down neutral language, without holding back emotion, without hedging your bets.

The people who are watching and listening would be AFFECTED, trust me.

1000 bully pulpits, 5000, and more. Heavy action.

Millions and millions of people across the world want to listen and watch.

Here’s my view: These millions of people want to cut through all the bullshit about the COLLECTIVIST “WE” — what I call the cosmic cheese glob — they want to leave all that bullshit behind and get down to THE INDIVIDUAL, who is free to live in freedom as long as he doesn’t impinge on the freedom of others, and who makes his way in the world by EARNING IT. Freedom with responsibility.

The Brave New World is the Collectivist We to the nth degree.

We need to head in the opposite direction. Back to the I.

That’s my starting position.

My jumping off point.

And yes, there are HUGE audiences out there who believe that and want to hear it expressed with no-limit conviction.

The jail break from the fake WE to the real I.

They want to hear a president with conviction. A governor with conviction. A mayor with conviction. A sheriff with conviction. A CEO. A doctor. A movie star. A celebrity athlete. A race car driver. A whoever.

Bully pulpit. VOICES.

We’ve got them. Voices.

To turn around the fetid fake culture…and drown the Brave New World before it takes hold.

— Jon Rappoport


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