Coronavirus Crisis in China: What To Believe? Brave Journalist Lifts Veil of Secrecy

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by Spiro Skouras
February 24, 2020


In this exclusive interview, Spiro Skouras is joined by Journalist Jennifer Zeng. Ms. Zeng helps to shed light on what is really taking place in China, as the Coronavirus (COVID19) outbreak has crippled the nation.

Jennifer Zeng, born and raised in China has been a key figure in the information war surrounding the ongoing crisis in China as the Chinese Government continues to suppress and control information.

In this powerful interview, Spiro and his guest Jennifer Zeng cover everything from the fake numbers of infected and deceased, to the economic impact, in addition to the exposing state run propaganda and the stiff 15 year prison terms for those who are deemed guilty by the state for spreading rumors about the outbreak.

All this and much more in this must see interview.


Jennifer Zeng’s blog: Jennifer’s World

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