David Icke: “I Won’t Stop Until I Leave This Earth”

David Icke: “I Won’t Stop Until I Leave This Earth”

by Inspired
March 3, 2022



I don’t identify with David Icke, brief human experience. I identify with being consciousness, which we all are.
Consciousness is having that experience.

And once you self identify yourself as consciousness, having a brief human experience, you can kind of rise above some much of the day-to-day crap that pulls you in when you self identify with the labels of a human life.

Because, you know, you say to people ‘Nice to meet you. Who are you?’ and they don’t say ‘I’m all that is, has been, and ever can be, having a brief human experience. Nice to meet you.’ And you say ‘Oh, thanks, thought I recognized you. Nice to meet you.’

No, they’ll give you their labels, they’ll give you their life story, their location, their birth place, their job, their race, their religion. And they’re all labels of a human life. They’re not who we are. We get caught in the labels.

So much of the division, the divided and rule, is possible because of the self-identification with labels. And when you realize that this is just a brief human experience, and that we are the consciousness having it — we are eternal consciousness on an eternal journey of exploring forever, forever — then it puts this into perspective. And it doesn’t seem so intimidating anymore.

And you think, ‘Well, when I leave the body and I look back on this brief human experience that I had, how will I feel about myself if I let morons tell me what to do, compared with saying ‘No way’. I think I feel good with the second one basically.

And because I identify with being consciousness rather than a label, I see the world very differently and things that happen in the world very differently.

That’s what drives me on. And what else drives me on, and has done for the last 30 years after I realized more and more about what was happening, is that, you know, you can’t look children in the eye — your own kids, your grandkids — you can’t look children in the street in the eye and realize what’s coming for them and say ‘Well, I’ve done my bit. I don’t have to do this anymore.’

No, no, I have to do this. And I have to do it with more determination every day because I can’t look them in the eye otherwise.

And this is what I don’t understand, you know, I’ve been doing this a long time. And I’ve seen people come and I’ve seen people go, I’ve seen people come and I’ve seen people go. And I can understand why they come. But I can’t understand why they bloody go.

Once you realize what’s going on, this…you can’t walk away, surely. How do you live with yourself? You know what’s happening and you’re walking away.

So I will leave this world at some point. Please, I won’t stay here forever.

But I will leave here still doing what I’m doing. Because I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t.


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