“Defamation” and “Anti-semitism” as Word Sorcery

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Defamation, anti-semitism is a form of word sorcery

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The creation of the Anti-Semitism as a form of word sorcery

There is no label that strikes more fear into the hearts of political figures, journalists and the general public than “Anti-Semitism.” To be labeled an “anti-Semite” can mean the end of a career, the failure of a business or being shunned by friends and colleagues. “Anti-Semitism” is a term that was coined in Europe during the latter half of the nineteenth century. Prominent Jewish scholars used it to characterize the emerging theories that “Semitic” races were inferior to “Aryan” races. Despite the fact that Arabs are Semitic, the term is now exclusively understood to mean “prejudiced against or hostile toward Jews,” according to all major dictionaries.

Israeli filmmaker Yoav Shamir accompanies a group of young Israelis on an educational trip to Holocaust memorials in Poland, where they are conditioned and indoctrinated to feel threatened by the rest of humanity. He combines this with research on other Zionist organizations and their policies that address the issue, as well as people who do not share their views, such as Professor Norman Finkelstein.

The film examines whether anti-Semitic has become an all purpose label for anyone who criticizes Israel and the possibility that some Jews’ preoccupation with the past—i.e., the Holocaust—is preventing progress today.

Shamir decided to make Defamation after a critic of an earlier film accused him of antisemitism. Yoav Shamir states in the beginning of the film that as an Israeli he has never experienced antisemitism himself and wants to learn more about it since references to antisemitism in countries all over the world are common in the Israeli media.

The Jewish Internet Defense Force (JIDF) is in the process of ensuring “Anti-Semitism” doesn’t exist on the Internet. Or any material critical of Israel, for that matter. The JIDF is attempting to shut down Palestinian advocacy groups on social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. They are also flagging individual Youtube accounts for various offenses such as “uploading hateful videos” or targeting users who have “hateful videos” listed as their favorites. Another Internet tactic is the manipulation of search engines which list the ten most popular searches of the day.