Dr. Andrew Kaufman at Worldwide Freedom Rally in London: “…In Solidarity, Arm-in-Arm, We Are a Force of Nature. We Are the Power Elite’s Worst Nightmare.”

Dr. Andrew Kaufman at Worldwide Freedom Rally in London: “…In Solidarity, Arm-in-Arm, We Are a Force of Nature. We Are the Power Elite’s Worst Nightmare.”


Dr. Andrew Kaufman | Worldwide Rally for Freedom London 24/07/21 | Oracle Films | CoviLeaks 

by Oracle Films
July 29, 2021

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Transcript prepared by Truth Comes to Light editor:

Hello, men and women of the United Kingdom. It is an honor to be invited to speak to you on this important occasion.

In the United States we have been spared much of the tyranny that you faced but I’ve been observing from afar and do my best to tell others about your unfortunate plight. The almighty himself, Mr. Boris Johnson, recently declared Freedom Day after more than six months of bondage for the British people. Well, Boris Johnson does not have the authority to give or take away your freedom.

Freedom — the right to choose our own fate, to determine how to treat our bodies. to speak our mind, to formulate our own opinions, to raise our children according to our values — is our birthright bestowed upon us by the Creator. It’s our natural right.

No authority figure, be it head of state, scientific experts, globalist leader, banker, CEO, occultist or politician can grant us rights or take them away.

The responsibility to protect, preserve and defend our rights lies fully and completely with us and us alone.

You have committed to a major first step by coming here today. Many of you have maintained and defended your freedom by resisting the jabs, by showing your face, by refusing testing, and by leaving your home at will — based on your own decision and inclination.

Many have sacrificed toward this end — losing jobs, losing friends, causing marital disagreements and alienating family members.

It’s a difficult realization that many who have chosen to ignore reality and believe the lies of the BBC and others will end up sick, dead or become compliant zombies of the technocratic surveillance state. It will be painful to watch their defense, their demise, but we must realize that everyone has a choice and every decision has consequences.

While there is now a temporary reprieve from the state of oppression, the headlines are already sensationalizing the dangers of the made-up Delta variant and claiming, ironically, that the economy will not recover from re-opening businesses. This forecasts more lockdowns to come.

What is also coming is the vaccine pass. For those who accept the pass will no longer be free.

As a physician scientist my job is been to educate as many people as possible about the scientific misconceptions, misinterpretations and outright fraud that the scientific establishment and the government agencies, charged with monitoring public health, have bestowed upon us.

While carrying out this mission I uncovered that the proof offered to claim the very existence of SARS-CoV-2, the alleged virus, is scientifically invalid.

A new virus has never, not once, been taken out of a sick person and studied for its structure, composition, genetics or ability to cause disease. Not once.

Instead they offer an experimental procedure that produces the results they want, the alleged proof of a new virus, from the experimental procedure itself — without any source of virus needed. Very convenient.

They show pictures of particles claiming their new virus, but the same exact particles are seen in kidney biopsies from 1999. They developed a PCR test based on an alleged virus from 2003, that was never validated by any testing against a gold standard. And now they’re trying to make everyone in the entire United Kingdom — every single man and woman — take this test every week.

Every policy has been justified by these bogus test results. One of the most important things you can do is refuse testing.

I want to remind you about World War II. I know that your beloved country was nearly destroyed by the Nazis.

One of their central policies was to perform medical experiments on their citizens. After they were defeated an international code was developed which was later codified into an international treaty. And this was known as the Nuremberg Code.

This code is the standard which establishes the ethics of conducting scientific research on human subjects. It states that NO experimental medical procedure of any kind can be forced on the people. Participation always has to be informed and voluntary. Furthermore, vulnerable populations — like children, the mentally ill, the elderly and infirm, and prisoners — have special protections.

Now, for the first time since the Nazis, governments across the world, private businesses, schools and universities, and many others are openly, and with impunity, forcing or coercing you to accept experimental medical procedures.

That’s right, not one diagnostic test, not one genetic jab, not one mask has been approved by any government agency as safe and effective as a medical procedure. Not one.

All of these procedures are experimental and you are the intended guinea pigs.

I want to remind you that you — each and everyone of you — are powerful. What you do matters, now more than ever before in your lifetime. You have the ability to see the truth and embody that truth in every way.

We are at a critical time, a turning point in human history. The hard lessons of ‘classroom earth’ are upon us. It is our duty to look into the fire and see the source of its flames.

When we gather like we are today, in solidarity, arm-in-arm, we are a force of nature. We are the power elite’s worst nightmare.

We have taken a major step for freedom by coming here today. We need to continue our efforts.

We need to be prepared for sacrifice in the short term. But we are strong. We can endure.

Let us make a commitment, right here today, that we will continue to act as the beautiful, amazing, free beings of light that we truly are.

We will stand up to tyranny at every step. We will not comply. We will not comply.

Thank you everyone.


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