Dr. Andrew Kaufman In Conversation With Brian Rose of London Real

Lunden reel interview 4/29/20

by Andrew Kaufman
April 29, 2020



I’m sure this will be deleted soon but here goes…


Excerpt from transcript:

Brian Rose: If you just had to take a step back right now, what do you think is actually going on? What’s your gut feel here as to what is actually happening?

Dr. Andrew Kaufman: I would love to answer that and, you know, taking into account all of the evidence I’ve looked at, which has been almost entirely from peer-reviewed scientific papers and official government websites, my opinion is that this entire pandemic is a completely manufactured crisis. In other words, there’s no evidence of anyone dying from any novel illness ..

A mirrored copy is available on Truth Comes to Light’s Bitchute channel should the source video be censored or become otherwise unavailable at YouTube or other platforms.

[The name London Real was apparently deliberately disguised in the original title.]