Dr. Joseph Farrell w/ Dark Journalist: Antarctica UFO Secrets & Alien Invasion Op

Dr. Joseph Farrell w/ Dark Journalist: Antarctica UFO Secrets & Alien Invasion Op


“As a result of the big marketing op, Daniel, I’ve become increasingly skeptical of the ET narrative. Because they’re up to something and it doesn’t have our best interest at heart.

Whether they trot out the Christ ET or whether they trot out the alien invaders, they’re up to something.

So, I don’t trust anything that this government says. And they’re doing this, I think, as a result of the COVID planscamdemic kind of blowing up in their faces.

And I’ve always suspected that there was some sort of genetic tagging and marking thing going on with this operation that may or may not be directly related to this whole UFO thing.”

~ Dr. Joseph P. Farrell


“It reads like a deep state alien invasion op and it comes on the heels of the COVID op. That’s one hell of a timing.”

~ Daniel Liszt


Topics include:

  • War game exercises under the ocean
  • US Navy exotic technology experiments
  • Ties to The Great Reset
  • Global control from space
  • Strange things going on in Antarctica
  • Admiral Byrd’s Operation HIGHJUMP
  • Wernher von Braun’s prediction, via Carol Rosin, regarding weaponization of space
  • Walter Dornberger
  • Project Paperclip
  • Things going on with the moon
  • The role of the CIA
  • Morris Jessup
  • DNA database
  • 9/11 references
  • The large number of fireballs being observed
  • False UFO threat
  • Genuine UFO File research


Dark Journalist: Dr. Joseph Farrell Antarctica UFO Secrets & Alien Invasion Op! 
Part 1 of Special Dark Journalist Interview with Oxford Scholar Dr. Joseph Farrell

by Daniel Liszt, Dark Journalist
June 8, 2021

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