Dr. Joseph P. Farrell: Strange Wildfire Incidents Move to Maui

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Joseph P. Farrell: Strange Wildfire Incidents Move to Maui

by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star
August 14, 2023


By now we’ve all heard of the disastrous, and sad, fires on Maui that have wiped out hundreds of people’s homes, livelihoods, and tragically ended the lives of many.

If you’re wondering why I’ve not commented until now, it is because  like many of you, I’m  shocked and saddened that these fires caused so much damage, and seemingly struck without much of a warning. Unlike the propatainment media, I did not want to comment in my usual fashion about my suspicions about these fires, because it was just not “right” nor the time to do so.

Needless to say, such attempt to maintain some tact was utterly absent from the propatainment media which wasted no time invoking its nutty climate change narrative, beating even the Bai Den Dzhao misadministration to that punch. Indeed, in a rare display of sensitivity and tact, and to his rare credit, the “president” refraining from making any reference to that narrative.

But comment and speculation is necessary, particularly for anyone paying attention to the strange resemblance of what has happened in Maui, to what happened in California years earlier with equally strange fires, particularly those in Paradise, California.

We all recall the strange pictures from those fires: homes and businesses completely burned to the ground, while next to them, bushes, trees, and shrubs remained alive and unburned.

Perhaps these strange results are the bizarreries one comes to  expect from plasmas, i.e., perhaps they are “firestorm equivalents to Leidenfrost layers”.

Whether or not that wild and “out there” speculation makes any sense is really irrelevant, because my point is  that one can contrive almost any “naturalistic” explanation to account for the strangeness of what we saw. It becomes more difficult when one remembers the pictures of melted roadbeds on bridges, buckled and melted guard rails, right next to abundant – and unburned – underbrush.

Again, naturalistic explanations are possible: the metal in the roadbed or guard rails acted as heat conductors and actually channeled heat away from the underbrush. Maybe (but did they channel the fires away from the trees and underbrush? if so, how?).

Then from Paradise, CA, there were the pictures of homes with burned out electrical power boxes where, apparently, some of the fires had started.  Pictures from earlier fires showed clear evidence of vorticular behavior in the heat flows, reminiscent of the “fire vortices” reported by Germans and Japanese that survived the firebombings of Hamburg, Dresden, and Tokyo during the Second World War.

The bottom line is, naturalistic explanations are possible, though highly speculative, and a bit of a stretch.

Thus, the fires can also be explained in other, equally speculative but much more sinister ways. For example, initially I advanced the idea that one possible way to explain why trees and shrubs survived the ambient heat of fires right next to them that burned down homes and businesses was perhaps that the fires were triggered and initiated in conductive materials by very powerful microwave interferometry.

Others produced alleged pictures of the fires being initiated by lasers as “proof” that some sort of directed energy started the fires.

Pictures can, of course, be doctored and photoshopped, but their production indicates many others were at least thinking in similar terms.

My other “sinister speculation” was that the fires were initiated by the power grid itself. Every electrical circuit is also a small broadcast circuit, and the electricity in  the wires in one’s home could literally be modulated and pulsed by transients in such a fashion that they might possibly be used to initiate fires.  Of course I’m guessing, and my speculations are an attempt to rationalize what makes no sense.

With that in mind, however, there is already a bit of significant testimony by Dr. Kathy Forti, who was there when the fires began. I am grateful to our friend Catherine Austin Fitts for spotting this, and passing it along; it’s worth your consideration:

What Really Happened on Maui – I Was There

Note the following from Dr. Forti’s story:

A friend called me early on the morning of Tuesday, August 8th and told me he had a strong urge to visit Lahaina that day. Tempting me with lunch at Cool Cats, one of my favorite eateries in Old Lahaina, I said “Okay. Let’s go!”

The 30 minute drive was without incident, without winds, and without any warning advisories. As soon as we reached Lahaina, all power got zapped. Cell phone, internet, traffic lights, GPS, the 911 emergency system (which is never supposed to go down) and the power outage caused every store and shopping mall to immediately close. Nothing was open.

Then the winds came in, bringing with it a rare rainless hurricane with gusts from 60-80mph. Trees became uprooted and branches were coming down everywhere, along with power poles. I heard a crash behind me and where I was less than 30 seconds prior was a crashed and uprooted tree. It was time to get out of there.

Now first of all, I can empathize with what Dr. Forti is recording here, as it sounds suspiciously like the 100mph + winds I experienced just this last June where I live, which put Shiloh and I in our shelter for an hour and a half: the constant roar of the wind and the unbelievable lightning storm were like nothing I’ve ever seen or experienced before. My only advantage is that our warning system was not suspiciously “non-functional” prior to the event.

Hawaii’s system appears to have been “down”, and I’m reminded like many of you of that strange incident during the Trump administration when the warnings went off, and then were retracted. Now the system was completely down during a major weather emergency.

I’ll just come right out and say it: to me these incidents betoken some massive security problems, and possible deliberate interference with those systems.  And yes, I realize that means I’m stating that the whole sad Maui episode might have been a deliberately engineered event.

But just wait, because I’m not the one saying it: Dr. Forti is, and she was there:

No evacuation sirens ever went off that day when the fires began. They failed as well. My friend and I had to escape through the back road going all the way around the island as all traffic was blocked in the other direction. Many might not have known about this back route since GPS was down.

These fires were indeed strange. The night before both my friend and many others claimed to have had very restless sleep. I personally experienced a strange flooding wave of energy in my head, almost like seizure activity, which I have come to identity as dark energy coming in. This flooding energy continued on and off the next morning, more so when I was in Lahaina. This told me there was directed energy involved in what was occurring.

This was not just a random act of mother nature. It reminded me of the strange fires in Paradise, California a few years back which swept through and wiped it off the map. Their only crime was getting in the way of a high speed railway project slated to come through the town.

A little bit of history to draw your own conclusions: Historic Lahaina is the key harbor seaport on the island. The Lanai Ferry goes back and forth from there, all the commercial snorkeling and scuba diving firms set sail from there and tourists flock there in daily droves.

The problem with Historic Lahaina was that it had a large old Hawaiian community that was in the way of the developers. Now it’s like ground zero, declared a disaster area, and federal and states rules are probably going to be tossed aside. It’s a toxic mess. They will undoubtedly blame it all on climate change and welcome in the developers to totally bull doze and level it.

All over the island tracts of land are being bought up by corporations and no one knows who is behind them. Foreign interests? The people on this island are beginning to put the pieces of the puzzle together and suspect this was a major power land grab.

In January 2023 there was a Smart City Conference where they discussed turning Maui into a 15-minute “smart island”. Next month there is a Digital Summit to discuss turning the island digital and all AI. I kid you not. (Emphasis added)

What intrigues me most about this story are the remarks I’ve highlighted by italics: prior to the fires, Dr. Forti experienced a “strange flooding wave of energy” in her head, an energy that she describes as “almost like seizure activity.”

This, too, struck very close to home, for the very day of the big storm that hit here where I live, I was listening to the weather radio, and tracking the storms that began way out on the western edge of the state and followed an almost perfect straight line all across the state until it finally arrived here and struck right about midnight.  That whole day I had this very strange sensation of energy, vague and “in the background” and amorphous, but unsettling and causing a kind of anxiety and unfocussed mental state.

All I can say is that I knew that this storm was not normal, and I had the absolute distinct impression hours before it actually struck that when it struck here, it would cause massive damage and power outages, which it did. Similarly, my little dog Shiloh was also anxious and nervous all day, and constantly begging me for attention.

Dr. Forti notes that corporations are buying up all the land on Maui, and that “they” have plans to turn the island into an artificial intelligence/fifteen minute island prison. That may be one motivation  behind the firestorm. Others have pointed out the presence of certain populations there they want removed. Still others have written me and pointed out the concurrence of the Maui fires with the release of the film Oppenheimer.

The point is, many people are sensing something is “not right” about these fires, and you can number me among them. If so, and if someone has deliberately caused them as part of some sick agenda, or for personal or corporate or political gain, then amid our prayers for Mauians, we might also pray for the exposure of the perpetrators, and for them to face justice.

Some might complain that we don’t really know who “they” are. I would aver, on the contrary, that we do… the doctrine of mens rea is a very powerful thing, and some of them have already openly declared their “real mind”…

See you on the flip side…


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Cover image credit: US Coast Guard Station Maui

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