Lahaina Was Destroyed by a Directed Energy Weapon

Lahaina Was Destroyed by a Directed Energy Weapon

by Edward Hendrie, Great Mountain Publishing
August 11, 2023


There were some strange things about the alleged wildfire at Lahaina, Hawaii. Notably, the spokesman who explained what happened was NOT a fire official or anyone from the local government with any knowledge of fire fighting or emergencies. Instead, we find Major General Kenneth Hara, the commanding general of the Hawaii Army National Guard. He stated that he did not know what ignited the fires. But he opined that low humidity and high winds “set the conditions for the wildfires.” He is an army general; what does he know about forest fires?

There is reason to question the general’s claim. The wildfire would only make sense if a forest of trees surrounded the city of Lahaina. That is the first problem with the story. There is no forest near the town. Indeed, the satellite photo below shows that the tallest trees near the city belong to the Maui Kuaia Estate Cacao Farm. Cacao trees are pretty small ranging in height between 13 and 26 feet. But those trees are across a highway several hundred yards from the nearest building.

Notice that Lahiana, Hawaii is NOT surrounded by a forest of trees. The only dense area of trees would be the Maui Kuaia Estate Cocao Farm. Cacao trees are quite small ranging in height between 13 and 26 feet. That small clump of trees on the tree farm separated by a roadway and many hundreds of yards of barren land containing only scrub grass could not cause a massive conflagration alleged to have been caused by wildfires.

What about the trees within the city itself? There are lots of trees in the town. But when we look at the photos of the city after the alleged fire, we find that the trees in the town are mainly intact. Strangely buildings that have been destroyed allegedly by fire are surrounded by trees untouched by flames.

Something else is going on here. That something else is directed energy. The buildings were destroyed by directed energy weapons. Directed energy weapons use microwaves. They cause molecular destruction of materials that absorb them; wood remains unfazed because wood absorbs very little microwave radiation. It is similar to how you can put a paper plate in a microwave oven without concern that it will catch fire. But if you put aluminum foil into that same microwave oven, it will quickly begin to spark and burst into flames.

Directed energy is not new technology. Directed energy weapons were used during the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center. The book 9/11-Enemies Foreign and Domestic details the evidence that directed energy weapons were used on 9/11.


The pictures above and below are frames from an aerial video of the alleged wildfires that destroyed the city of Lahaina, Hawaii. The authorities do not know how the alleged fires started. Notice that buildings are leveled, but standing trees surround the destroyed buildings. How could the city have been destroyed by wildfires when the trees in the town are untouched by any flames? Notice in the video frame below there are two buildings completely leveled with unburned trees abutting the buildings. Nearby buildings are untouched by any fire. This is telltale evidence of directed energy weapons.


Notice in the video how the buildings are leveled to the ground, but the trees remain standing and unburned.


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