Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: International Criminal Proceeding Resembling a Grand Jury Investigation — as a Procedural Foundation for Future Indictments — to Begin Early February 2022

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: International Criminal Proceeding Resembling a Grand Jury Investigation — as a Procedural Foundation for Future Indictments — to Begin Early February 2022


[Truth Comes to Light editor’s note: February 5, 2022 update — The interview below took place at the end of January 2022. See Day 1 of the Grand Jury proceedings that took place today. You can follow the work of the Corona Investigative Committee, including Grand Jury proceedings at Odysee.]


Truth Comes to Light editor’s note:

The following transcript is a brief excerpt from the video (found below the transcript) wherein Reiner Fuellmich explains the nature and purpose of upcoming international criminal proceedings which are being organized  by the  Corona Investigative Committee.

Please see the Jesper Johansson‘s article below the video for further details. The press conference in Brussels, mentioned by Reiner Fuellmich in the video, can be found here: “A Call to Europe: The Future of Our Children is at Stake” – CHD Europe – Press Conference, Brussels January 23 , filmed by Oracle Films, View at Children’s Health Defense Europe.

Transcript excerpts:

“We’re gonna start an international criminal proceeding — which is a model proceeding — very soon, probably at the end of next week.


There’s going to be three days of discussions with the experts.


And this proceeding, of course, is not going to be filed in one of the existing courts of law, of the old system.

But we’re using an institution, a procedural institution, which is the American grand jury investigation, as a procedural foundation for what we’re doing.

We have real lawyers, a real judge, real experts and real witnesses with whom we will tell the story. And that is the main objective.


We want to get indictments against those figureheads who we think we should go after.

That’s Drosten. He invented the PCR test, claiming that his version of the PCR test can tell us something about infections. Full well, knowing that he’s lying.

Two, Mr. Fauci in the United States. He’s the one who pushed the corona issue there.

And three, Tedros, whose WHO recommended these lies to the entire world. Two lies basically —  asymptomatic infections, which don’t exist, and the PCR test can tell us about infections.

Then Bill Gates, as one of the figureheads who are making money out of this.

And probably Pfizer and Black Rock.

Pfizer as a representative of the pharmaceutical industry. They’re making a lot of money right now. And Blackrock as the financial institution for which much of the money is being funnelled into our systems to gain control, through the global corporations, over all of us.

But this particular proceeding is only designed to get indictments.

Its second biggest purpose is to give people… through a real legal proceeding, a full picture of what’s really going on — on all three levels.

There’s one level which deals with the question ‘Is are really a pandemic?’. Well, there is a pandemic, but it’s not a corona pandemic, it’s a PCR test pandemic.

And as soon as you reach this conclusion, the question is ‘Well, if it’s not about health, what is it about?”.

Two things that they want to divert our attention from. One is the criminal activities that they, the other side, has been conducting through the financial industry — which is really a misnomer because this is not an industry. They don’t produce anything. They they destroy everything. So a better word is probably financial mafia because they’ve been looting and plundering our public coffers for the last three, four decades, maybe longer.

And it was about to implode, this whole system was about to implode, during the swine flu. And, no, that is not a coincidence. It was then that it was very, very obvious to all of us that the so-called financial industry had been stealing money from us.

The major platform on which they discuss this is, of course, the Davos clique’s World Economic Forum in Davos [Switzerland]. It was very, very obvious at the time that they have really been stealing our money.


We now understand, of course, that our politicians are not our politicians anymore, but they’re their puppets. Many of them have gone through their own politician production facility which is the Young Global Leaders program.


The real goal of this pandemic is to be able to shut down, destroy, our economies for the benefit of American platforms — like Uber, as far as the taxi business is concerned, Amazon, for all retail business. And we don’t quite know what to make of the role of the Chinese and this. What we do know is that they are part of a group of people who are dividing the spoils amongst themselves — because they’re trying to take over our car industry, probably the US car industry as well.

So this is quite a complicated picture but not too complicated. And we believe that through this proceeding, we can make this visible to everyone.

And once people understand this — and this is the ultimate goal of this — they will understand that it’s they who have to get up and fight.

They not only have a right to resist but they have a duty to resist. Because this is about life and death.

~ Dr. Reiner Fuellmich




”No mercy for these b*stards” – Reiner Füllmich announces Grand Jury Proceeding in February

by Jesper Johansson, Perspektiv
January 26, 2022


The head of the Corona Committee, Dr. Reiner Füllmich, announced that the Grand Jury Trial will take place in early February, during which evidence against the four architects of the pandemic will be presented to a panel, structured like a court of law, based on natural law. The end result of a grand jury proceeding is a decision whether or not to indict. In this case the general public will be the jury. The result of this process will be a better informed public that knows about the big picture and thereby understands why indictments must occur. Dr Füllmich believes the narrative have now shifted, and that he, with the help of the people with good intentions all over the world, now is ready to send the perpetrators of the pandemic ”straight to hell”.

At 2:01:20 in to the following link, you can watch the press conference in Brussels 2022-01-23 featured in the interview with lawyer Dr Reiner Fuellmich, lawyer Vivianne Fischer and WHO whistleblower Dr Astrid Stuckelberger:


More information about WHO whistleblower Dr Astrid Stuckelberger: https://www.astridstuckelberger.com/bio/

International lawyer Dr Reiner Fuellmich and lawyer Vivianne Fischer are both part of the Corona Investigative Committee team:


Prosecution notification of the SWEDISH DRUG AUTHORITY to the Uppsala Prosecutor by assistant professor, physician and doctor Björn Hammarskjöld. Eighteenth of January 2022 (In Swedish):


Prosecution notification of the SWEDISH DRUG AUTHORITY to the Uppsala Prosecutor by assistant professor, physician and doctor Björn Hammarskjöld ADJUSTMENT. Twentieth of January 2022 (In Swedish):


Prosecutor’s complaint against the SWEDISH DRUG AUTHORITY to the Uppsala Prosecutor by assistant professor, physician and doctor Björn Hammarskjöld DIARIEUTSKRIFT AM-9377-22 (In Swedish):

According to professor Hammarskjöld the Swedish government has spent 2.6 Billon € on testing for rtRT-PCR tests up until week 2 of 2022. Hammarskjöld citizises the decision since there has not been a single life saved by the money spent doing all these tests.
Just during weeks 1 and 2 of 2022, there has been almost one million tests done costing 110 Millon € (In Swedish):


Transcript from the interview:

0:50 Summary of the last interview ”Reiner Füllmich and 50 lawyers: The vaccines are designed to kill and depopulate the planet”.

02:15 Press conference in Brussels with Astrid Struckelberger, Reiner Füllmich and Vivianne Fischer who were participating in the large rallies taking place. When Füllmich was about to hold his speech at the rallies, the police dispersed the crowd.

04:30 Indictments will happen against the people accused of causing the world wide problem with the pandemic; Drosten, for promoting his version of the SARS-CoV-2 PCR test kit claiming these tests can say something about infectious diseases. Anthony Fauci, head of the NIAID for pushing the false narrative in the USA, Tedros Adhanom for spreading inaccurate and unscientific recommendations through the WHO such as asymptomatic infections and the PCR-tests for diagnosis. Bill Gates as a figurehead for profit in this agenda. Pfizer as a representative for the pharmaceutical industry and Blackrock as a global financial company.

06:15 Why is the pandemic happening? Füllmich views this as a distraction from criminal activity the same way the mafia works. He takes as an example how the financial crisis in 2008 stole assets from the people without the politicians doing anything about it.

08:35 The real goal number 2, according to Füllmich, is to shut down our economy, in favor of companies such as Über and Amazon, by destroying the retail system. The struggle is about life and death. The public institutions are waking up to the corruption and starting prosecutions against the perpetrators in the USA.

10:35 ”No mercy to those b*stards”. ”The people who are pulling the strings are truly evil”.

12:23 The grand jury investigation will go on for four weeks. How to get people to understand the new system of justice that will be used to handle the case against the suspects? Natural law, which Füllmich means leads directly to human rights, will be used. He believes the world is in a state of war and thus, the natural law which can be used in war are applicable in handling the pandemic crimes. Why following bad orders is not an excuse and may lead to jail.

15:10 A tour in the United States will start in March and will go on until May in order to inform the American people about the truth regarding the pandemic. Famous persons within this field will participate.

16:27 What date will the grand jury begin? Füllmich would say that his assumption made in the interview published on the tenth of January saying ”the narrative will shift within two to three weeks” was accurate. Boris Johnson in the UK was getting massive criticism for ‘partying’ and not following his own restrictions.

19:45 Professor Björn Hammarskjöld has filed a complaint to the Medical Board of Sweden (Läkemedelsverket) due to components in the vials not listed in the medical description. Professor Hammarskjöld has himself witnessed two persons becoming magnetic in the area of injection of the so called corona vaccines.

21:40 Norwegian doctors i Oslo discovered material in the vaccines which is not supposed to be given to humans and is not legal according to citizen journalist Ulf Bittner.

23:04 Pfizer did not include the information on these so called vaccine chemicals in the documents submitted to the EMA – Why not? Almost all the studies on the vaccines are totally false, according to Füllmich. This, he believes was done in order to mislead the people.

25:35 LOT-numbers and lethality

26:39 WHO whistleblower Astrid Struckelberger comments on the African tactics of experimentation. WHO created the cases needed to declare a pandemic. Bill Gates who is funding the WHO, involved Drosten to construct the foundation to declare a global pandemic on false premises by PCR- results.

28:48 How close are you to getting the full picture of what is going on? The experts giving their testimonies to the Corona Committee include; former vice- president of Pfizer Dr Mike Yeadon, Nobel prize winner Professor Luc Montagnier, former investment banker and Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Cathrine Austin Fitts, and developer of mRNA technology Dr Robert Malone. Füllmich believes the full picture of what is happening is almost complete. Legal proceedings are being done so that people will understand and then find the will to to take their freedom back.

31:50 The people participating in the trials are also filing cases in their own courts of law. Füllmich hopes people who believe the narrative of the pandemic is false will follow their example.

33:25 How likely is it that anyone will enforce the punishment to the people prosecuted if they are convicted – when taking in to consideration that the trial is happening outside the normal judicial system? Füllmich explains there will be no sentences and the process is being done as an investigation which will lead to indictments. The judiciaries in Europe are too corrupt to be used for this purpose.

37:15 Professor Hammarskjöld sums up the costs of the performed PCR-tests in Sweden. According to Hammarskjöld, nearly one million PCR-tests have been done during the first two weeks of 2022 in Sweden at a cost of 110 euro per test. The total amount of money spent on the Swedish PCR-tests he reports are now 2,6 billion Euros. This can be compared to the annual costs of the ICU care units, which is only 3 billion Euros. Ten people are dying per day with covid in Sweden.

39:31 There are two camps in the Corona Committee regarding the existence of the virus. One claims there has been a scientific, correctly performed isolation of the virus, while the other claims the opposite. This is however not something that Dr Füllmich views as a question which has importance to the case or has relevance to the trials. He believes the entire system needs to be rebuilt from scratch, and this includes the field of science and research.


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