Dr. Tom Cowan: Overview of the Real Science Related to the COVID Narrative; How Science is Being Weaponized Against Us

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Dr. Tom Cowan: Retrospective on 2020; How Science is Being Weaponized Against Us & Why We Must Understand Real Science
Year End Review and Thoughts on the Future

by  Dr. Tom Cowan


Original video is available at Dr. Tom Cowan YouTube channel.

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Topics covered:

  • How science is being weaponized against us and why we must understand real science.
  • What do virologists actually do?
  • Where do they get the genome?
  • The creation of an imaginary genome of a make-believe virus.
  • Looking into the science of the so-called COVID vaccine — an injectable product that is nothing like any vaccine ever made.
  • Genetic engineering.
  • The theory of vaccines.
  • mRNA drug development meant to act as an operating system in our bodies.
  • Dr. Tom Cowen’s strategies for keeping himself and his family well.


Excerpts — Unofficial Partial Transcript

…There’s nothing unique about this. They’re simply testing for pieces of genetic material, having no idea the origin of this genetic material. 

So, as far as I know, and I know this, I think, as well as anybody could know it. There is not one study out there — there has never been with this virus or many other viruses  — that has properly isolated the virus, properly sequenced the virus. And if you can’t properly isolate it, you cannot say that a sequence of it comes only from that virus.

And, if you’ve never isolated it… you could never prove that the virus is the cause of this disease.

Isolation is the key. And no matter how many people say they’ve isolated, no matter how many people criticize me and us for saying it, I still contend that there is simply no evidence that this kind of isolation has ever happened with this or many other of the viruses that we are told cause disease.”


“Let’s move on a little bit to talk about… the so-called COVID vaccine… We need to understand thoroughly that this injectable product is nothing like any vaccine that has ever been made, and actually, in no way should be called a vaccine…

The first thing we have to know is that in genetics… there is something called a central dogma. 

The central dogma of genetics — meaning the foundational principle of genetics — is that the genetic material in all animals, including humans, is found in the nucleus it’s found in this substance called DNA, which we’re told is the house of the genes. In other words, each strand of DNA contains many different genes which are composed of so-called nucleotides, which are composed of base pairs, which are either A, T, C or G. 

So a gene is a long string, like word, made of say AATTCGAT, etc. So it’s got a certain number of length. And the sequence of those nucleotides is what constitutes a gene. And there’s many genes in sequence, not necessarily one after the other, laying on this piece of DNA.

Now, the central dogma is, this DNA, which is formed sort of like a zipper, right? So there’s a strand here and this is A. And every A matches up with T. And then the next one is C and every C matches up with G, and then so on down the line. 

[Dr. Cowan is demonstrating with his hands during this explanation — near the 21 minute mark in the video.]

So they’re like this and then you separate them. And then two strands will form if it’s mitosis, so that A always matches up again with T and the C always matches up again with G. And so then you make two exact copies of it. And that’s how a cell reproduces itself.

Now, sometimes the DNA — let’s just use the word “wants” — to make protein. So the way that works is, you get this separation, And so, here’s the A — and it makes T, C…whatever the complimentary nucleotide. And that new structure is called m (or messenger) RNA. And that process of turning the DNA into a homologous copy of RNA, messenger RNA, is called transcription.

Now, that process, we think, happens in the nucleus. Then the mRNA goes out of the nucleus into the cytoplasm.  And now we have a homologous copy. And then through a process called translation, this RNA is converted into a protein, which obviously has the same sequence as the DNA did in the first place…

And that sequence of nucleotides creates the amino acids, which is essentially the backbone or the material out of which a protein is made. And then the protein does all the functions that are happening in a living organism.

So, again, the central dogma is, quite simply — this is a one-directional process. DNA makes messenger RNA, called transcription. Messenger RNA makes protein, which is called translation.

The central dogma tells us that protein never makes RNA, RNA never makes DNA, and DNA never makes protein directly.

It’s always in that very specific sequence: DNA, messenger RNA, protein. Transcription, translation, action. The action molecule is the protein. The blueprint is the DNA.

Now, here’s the interesting thing, all those facts that I just said — and, I’m sure some of you this won’t come as a surprise to — are actually incorrect. One of the things I’m going to do in this next year is dissect that whole process and show very clearly how many of the things that I just said, which are reported as fact, are actually not fact at all. 

And one of the things that’s not fact is, starting with the discovery of what are called retroviruses (or in other words RNA viruses)…

So again, a virus is a piece of genetic material, either DNA or RNA, in a protein coating. So that’s what a virus is. 

Then a bunch of people — Gallo, Montagnier and others — came up with the theory that this disease called AIDS is caused by a virus called HIV. Human Immunodeficiency Virus. But the trouble was, this virus, which also was never isolated or proven to cause anything (but that’s another story) was an RNA virus. And the question then for them was, how does this RNA virus insert itself into the DNA of the tissues and the cells to make copies of itself.

Since there is no — or at that time, there was no idea that RNA could reverse this central dogma and make DNA. So, they discovered in researching this that there’s something called reverse transcriptase (which is abbreviated RT — which is what the RT-PCR test means) that can convert RNA, messenger RNA, into DNA , that can then get itself inserted into the animal or human DNA. And this process is basically based on an enzyme called reverse transcriptase. And, at the time, the theory was this reverse transcriptase, this enzyme that could do this process of reversing the central dogma, was only found in so-called retroviruses. There was no normally, naturally-occurring reverse transcriptase in any animal or any human…


What we didn’t know is that this process of converting RNA into DNA is actually a normal repair process, and any tissue in any system, any mammalian living system, actually has it’s own reverse transcriptase. And that there is a continual interplay between RNA and DNA…

So, you may be asking why is this something I need to know about? The reason is, for the first time humans are injecting other humans with messenger RNA

…The expectation of the injection of messenger RNA into an animal is to make that messenger RNA insert itself into the human DNA, the human genome, which is basically the definition of genetic engineering…”


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