Dreadful DREADDS?

Dreadful DREADDS?

by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star
September 29, 2020


Yesterday I blogged about the story of the Soviet irradiation of the American embassy in Moscow from the 1950’s  to the 1970’s, drawing some disturbing connections not only to the ability of low intensity microwave radiation to manipulate the mind and cause disease, but also the converse, to inculcate health is diseased tissue. Furthermore, I explored a speculation I have entertained often during the Fauci-Baal Gates-Wuhan planscamdemic narrative, that being we might be witnessing the “beta-test” of a bio-electrically activated phenomenon, i.e., of a virus activated only by or in an electro-magnetic template of some sort. In the past, I’ve connected this idea to the arrest of Harvard chemistry professor Dr. Charles Lieber for allegedly not disclosing to federal authorities his financial relationship to the Chinese virology laboratory in Wuhan, site of the original covid outbreak. Lieber’s specialty was nanotechnology. Additionally I have also connected that speculation to Baal Gates’ stated goal of a vaccine that would also contain a tracking system, and which would automatically “update” itself with “downloads” much like the annoying “business model” of Microsoft windows updates.

And as I indicated yesterday, there’s more to my speculations, this time provided by a gem of a find spotted by a regular reader here, P.T., and passed along. This one is worthy of your very close attention:

DREADDs: The Power of the Lock, the Weakness of the Key. Favoring the Pursuit of Specific Conditions Rather than Specific Ligands

As the article notes, DREADDS stands for “designer receptors exclusively activated by designer drugs,” that is, specifically designed or modified cellular receptors – genetically modified cells – to make them active in the presence of drugs designed to activate them.

While the article is intensively technical, it is worth noting that the focus of this research is concerned with breaching the blood-brain barrier, and that in the process, behavioral modifications have been noticed. And it’s a short step from noticing to manipulating:

Third, and the most critical point, conventional pharmacological controls must be used. The same philosophy as in pharmacology should be applied, and, as for neurobiological experiments, groups of transgenic animals without expressing DREADDs (e.g., DREADDs empty viral vectors) must be integrated to verify the selective effects of the ligand and chosen dose (Smith et al., 2016Campbell and Marchant, 2018Mahler and Aston-Jones, 2018; for an example of experimental studies following this design, see also Xia et al., 2017Cope et al., 2019). This statement may appear trivial, but the pursuit of an absolute selective ligand and the attractiveness of this approach have already led to some overconfident behavioral studies, sometimes conducted in the complete absence of this control.

In conclusion, DREADDs provide a precise way of manipulating neural circuits and behavior, and afford a great alternative to optogenetics to tonically manipulate a specific cellular subpopulation, thus opening exciting new avenues of research.

So, let’s incorporate what we have here, with what I blogged about yesterday, and the whole idea of an electromagnetically-activated virus or disease. And yes, this is once again some really high octane speculation. We have already heard reports, for example, of nuerological effects associated with covid-19, not only with the virus itself but, in the UK, with “vaccines” being tested there. I’ve suggested that Dr. Charles Lieber, the Harvard chemistry professor arrested by the federal government for allegedly not disclosing his financial ties to the Chinese virology laboratory in Wuhan, whose expertise in nanotechnology could conceivably be a factor in rendering any pathogen more efficient, could also be a vehicle for rendering any counter-agent more efficient, especially in terms of vectors of delivery. Similarly, I’ve suggested that particulate metals would render any electromagnetic component of either a pathogen or a counter-agent more efficient.

Now, we can add a third component: DREADDS, a pharmacological-genetic component, plus designer drugs designed to activate them. Mix and stir some microwave interferometry in the form of 5G towers, and voila, one can create all sorts biologically targeted mischief…

See you on the flip side…