Dutch Farmers Call on Farmers of the World to Join Protest – July 23rd

Dutch Farmers Call on Farmers of the World to Join Protest – July 23rd

by The White Rose UK
July 20, 2022


Farmers Across Europe Protest in Solidarity with Dutch Farmers:


Spanish farmers join Dutch and German farmers:


German farmers’ convoy to support Dutch farmers’ protest:



Piers Corbyn Backs United Action with Dutch Farmers

There is a growing movement across the world to defeat the New World Tyranny attacks on farming and food production. It must become a struggle to overthrow all the governments involved and destroy the New world tyranny.

Of course the chaos of resistance is in a way welcomed by the new world tyranny to justify new fascism to keep order.

However, providing the movement is not limited to protest/begging for lessening these attacks while leaving the perpetrators in place and instead demands explicitly the removal of governments and agents of the new world tyranny. We can defeat the new world order tyranny WEF evil project.

We must back the farmers and workers in all the resisting countries by action at embassies, consulates and trade missions and appropriate places all over the UK and raise demands to win which we hope can also lead to similar actions in the UK where farming is also under attack.

Key demands and slogans:

  • No Farmers—No Food
  • Save our Farms—Save our Food
  • Solidarity with all farmers and workers resistance in Holland, Italy, Poland, Germany and the Punjab
  • Reverse the closure of farms in the name of reducing farming nitrous oxide and other oxides of nitrogen “greenhouse gases”!
  • The greenhouse warming theory is fake science. IT defies basic (thermodynamics) physics and ALL its predictions fail
  • The government bringing the attacks on farming must resign.
  • Oppose and arrest all politicians and billionaires who supported covid lockdowns and restrictions, climate con measures, 5g towers, digital ID and all moves of “new world” tyranny
  • Support a provisional revolutionary farmers and workers govt to overthrow each govt bringing the new world tyranny attacks on farming and food and rights.


Please pass this on and develop local “Save our Farms—Save our Food” actions and campaigns.

Thank you!
Piers Corbyn


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