Fifteen Million Jews, the Vaccine, and the Conscience to Refuse

Fifteen Million Jews, the Vaccine, and the Conscience to Refuse

by Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News
November 26, 2021


In the US alone, reported vaccine injuries have soared past 600,000.

The well-known Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare study concluded that, in order to obtain a true number for such injuries, you would need to multiply the reported figure by 100.

First, it was two shots. But then the format was changed. There would be a booster. Then, not just one booster, but at least two. And for months, experts have suggested that the program will evolve into yearly shots.

On top of that, proof of vaccination is now demanded. The passports. The government, of course, controls these passports, which allow vaccinated persons to participate in ordinary social life. Those without passports are confined, restricted, in a form of slavery. And the passport will be revoked if a person doesn’t line up for all required boosters.

In other words, this has been a step-operation, with the individual’s rights constrained and eaten into, progressively, over time—finally resulting in his complete capture by the State.

And so I refer you to the story of Joseph in the Old Testament. The real story. It holds a valuable lesson.

As you recall, Joseph was the favored son of Jacob. Joseph’s jealous brothers sold him into slavery. While imprisoned in Egypt, Joseph revealed his ability to interpret dreams.

He was eventually brought before the Pharaoh, who needed someone who could tell him what his troubling dream meant: seven starving cows ate seven well-fed cows; seven dead ears of corn ate seven plump ears.

Joseph told the Pharaoh there would be seven years of plenty in the land, and then seven years of famine. Therefore, the Pharaoh should immediately store up grain.

When the terrible famine hit, Joseph, who was now the Pharaoh’s vizier, dealt with the MANY hungry people who came to buy bread. In exchange for the bread, Joseph first demanded that the people sell their possessions to the State; then, their property; and finally themselves. AS SLAVES. A step-operation.

When next we learn of the condition of the Jews in Egypt, in the story of Moses, the Jews are slaves. Do you suppose this turnabout had something to do with Joseph’s “solution” to the famine and the anger it raised in the population?

Of course, the Bible story focuses on Joseph reuniting with his brothers and his father, all of whom who believed he died.

The story passes no judgment on Joseph, who put a population into slavery to the State.

Those of the Jewish faith must consider this tale from Genesis, because it is parallel to what is happening now: a Globalist elite is bent on capturing the population degree by degree, with its “solution.”

In Genesis, after the famine was over, the Egyptians, who continued to farm grain, were planting government seeds on government land, and they had to turn over a fifth of their crop to the Pharaoh. There was no privately owned land.

If that doesn’t ring any bells, what will?

Jews today are being betrayed by their leadership, who are aligned with the State. Jews are being told “the best medical minds” have decided the vaccine is safe and effective and only wild conspiracy theorists believe otherwise.

So as usual, it falls to the conscience and common sense of the individual to ignore the official word.

The lying, criminal, murderous official word.

It falls to the conscience of Jewish parents to protect their children against the shot, no matter what. And to protest against the mandates and the passports.

How long did Moses and his people wander in the desert? 40 years? Given that extreme ordeal, can modern Jews work up the courage to say no to a destructive vaccine and an enslaving mandate?

Or do modern Jews actually believe God wants them to take the shot?

Because unless I’m mistaken, the religion of the Jews is centered on the One God. That is its whole point. That was its whole point, when Jews declared, not many gods, only one.

Of course, DOCTORS are quite adept at playing God. So perhaps the leadership councils of the Jewish faith should come out and switch their allegiance. WE NOW PRAY TO DOCTORS. WE NOW MUST HAVE THE PERMISSION OF DOCTORS. WE MUST HAVE NO IDOLS THAT SUPERSEDE DOCTORS.

“Sh’ma Yisrael Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Eḥad.” “Hear O Israel, the doctor our doctor, the doctor is one.” Say it. Bow the head and bend the knee and say it. The new prayer.

Or find your soul and your conscience and your God and throw off the chains of your slavery.

If you’re a Conservative Jew or a Reform Jew, you’re going to have to wake up from the chapter you and your rabbis added to the Old Testament. It’s called SUBURBAN LIFE. It mainly involves new temples designed by talentless architectural morons and the eternal building funds maintained to pay for those temples. I know; I was steeped in that neighborhood “culture” as a child. Fortunately, my parents had moral spine, but that’s a different story for a different time.

To you 15 million Jews: there are two swords. One is wielded by the doctors. The other is wielded by your God. Make your decision and your choice.


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