Future Debt Obligations = Human Bodies = Human Resources

Future Debt Obligations = Human Bodies = Human Resources

by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star
October 15, 2021


I rarely devote an entire blog to someone else’s op-ed, but today’s submission by M.L.A. falls into that category, because rarely have I seen the agenda of Mr. Globaloney set forth with more clarity, other than perhaps in the analyses of Catherine Austin Fitts.  For some time, she has been warning about the Great Reset, and the role of the quackcines in commoditizing and collateralizing that reset. How? By making the final step in the “human resources” shift that began several decades ago: humans as the collateralization of debt obligations. It’s a fancy form of slavery, but slavery nonetheless.

There are some minor differences between this analysis and that of Ms. Fitts, or even of my own, but nevertheless, the article is worth pondering carefully, and filing away. Consider just this paragraph, and I hope that will suffice to pique your interest to read the whole article:

The Central Banks Intend to Lay Claim to Bodies and Minds

The next synthetic product of debt that they can use – the only thing that’s bigger than housing – are human bodies. So human bodies are being repackaged as future debt obligations. I believe that this is what is inherently behind the global economic demolition – to make us dependents on the state, to offer Universal Basic Income (UBI) as part of this money to stay in the game, and that we will be controlled by our digital identity systems. We will become debt commodities burdens on the state through a new system that is being put into place called “Pay for Success Finance” which is literally privatizing the entire social welfare system and remaking it as an investment opportunity in human capital, that they can securitize us and gamble — put us on pathways to self-improvement whether that is improving your health, improving your mental health, getting off drugs, taking drugs – now they’re legalizing all these psychedelics – managing you as a series of continuum care program according to measured behavior change, and then betting on whether or not you’ll comply. That is their new game. That is the ultimate game they are planning; both you as a real person and you as a virtual character, will you comply with the pathway that you’ve been put on.

When reading this article, think again of that scenario that I’ve enterained elsewhere: a patent can only be taken out on something that would not occur in nature. In that respect, the technique and anything employing it is owned by the patent holder. This was the camel’s nose in the tent that gave big agribusiness – I.S. Farbensanto as we like to call it here – a cartel-choke-hold on the world’s food supply: GMO seeds are patentable, natural seeds are not. Now consider the quackcines, which are genetic in nature, and designed to modify an individual’s body in ways that would not occur in nature. Is it possible that, by submitting to the quackcine, one is literally putting oneself under a corporate lien, and establishing a precedent whereby the individual must obey corporate mandates?

It sounds so totally “out there” as to be laughable… but read the article, and then you tell me…

See you on the flip side…


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