Giza Death Star Hypothesis: Time Reversed Waves Detected

Giza Death Star Hypothesis: Time Reversed Waves Detected

by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star
March 29, 2023


This very important story was spotted and shared by T.S., and when I saw it I knew I’d be passing it along to everyone, with my profound gratitude to T.S. for doing so.. It’s of particular and signal importance to those of you who have purchased and have been reading my latest book, The Giza Death Star Revisited or who are familiar with my speculative hypothesis that the Great Pyramid was once a very powerful weapon, made possible by some very sophisticated crystals. In that book I speculated about the possibility of a weapon that could be “temporally tuned” to a target as well as spatially tuned, and which could thus target something in the future or past. That’s a tall order and, from the standpoint of present knowledge and art, an impossibility.

But here, once again, it’s not so much the general concept that we lag behind, but merely the technological prowess to pull it off.  With that in mind, consider the following story:

Time Reflections Of Electromagnetic Waves Have Been Demonstrated For The First Time

As the article’s subtitle notes, the idea has been around for quite awhile.  It’s not the idea that is unusual or strange, it’s the fact that technology finally caught up to the extent that the idea has finally, apparently, been demonstrated:

By switching the dielectric constant of a metamaterial, physicists have time-reflected electromagnetic waves being carried within it. The didn’t turn back time Cher-style, but the signal carried by the waves underwent both a reversal in order and frequency lengthening. Besides confirming a possibility theoreticians have been toying with for 60 years, the work could allow greater control over the way waves and matter interact. It could prove useful in photonics, the quest to replace electricity in information technology with light, allowing for an astonishing increase in speed.

Ordinary wave reflection off a suitable boundary is a familiar part of life. We witness it every day when we look in the mirror, hear it in echoes, and can watch ocean waves bounce off a breakwater if we want to see the process on a more graspable scale.

Time reflections, also known as temporal reflections, are something different, requiring an abrupt shift not just in the wave, but in the medium through which it is traveling. As occurred so often in the mid-20th century, theoretical physicists ran ahead of their experimental counterparts, discussing the workings of the phenomenon before it had been observed. In Nature Physics, a team at City University of New York announce they have caught up.

Time reflections produce a shift in frequency, which is relatively easy to understand, and a wave reversal in time, which is not. The first involves something like the Doppler shift, where wavelengths are stretched or contracted, most familiar in the redshift seen from distant galaxies. Light that is blue before the reflection becomes yellow, green light becomes red, and so on. Harder to get one’s head around is the way the end of a signal is reflected first, so that we hear the signal backwards, like old-style conspiracy theorists who thought they could detect satanic messages by spinning rock records the wrong way.

The phenomenon of time reflection is associated with time crystals, whose atoms form patterns that repeat in time as ordinary crystals do in space. The surprising discovery of examples of these objects has raised interest in related concepts. However, time reflection requires the properties of the medium to change at more than twice the frequency of the wave. The exceptionally high frequencies of visible light, let alone anything in the UV or X-ray part of the spectrum, make this a challenge, although it has been demonstrated in water waves.

For those who have read my most recent book The Giza Death Star Revisited, or who have listened to my interviews with Walter Bosley or Kelly Em on this subject, you’ll note several intriguing things that tend to confirm some of my more outlandish speculations from years ago when the Giza Death Star trilogy first appeared: (1) the ability to “tune” the weapon to any target in space and/or time, (2) the use of meta-material “time crystals” – or what I called “phi cyrstals” in the original Giza Death Star book –  to do it.  In such special crystals, the frequency of a wave is shifted, and any modulated information being carried by that wave is reversed, and for those paying attention, this is one of the precise keys to the weapon function, for mixing any such wave with its original could, under special circumstances dealing with phasebe an exact opposite. We’re not there yet, of course, because the article notes the reversal occurred with frequency and the (frequency) modulated information, but that phase cancellation possibility looms large from what has been stated in this article.

And of course, for those really paying attention, what we’re getting close to is a very powerful kind of phase conjugate mirror that is reliant upon fast switching within the crystal (making the crystal also resemble a computer chip, or vice versa).  For those also paying close attention to other details about other matters that have emerged in the alternative media over the years, also consider the theory advanced for the Philadelphia Experiment that frequency modulation (FM) was the method of choice.

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