Global Elites Goading Americans Into Violence Against Transsexuals: The Official Story of the Nashville Shooting Does Not Add Up

Global Elites Goading Americans Into Violence Against Transsexuals
The official story of the Nashville shooting does not add up 

by Greg Reese, The Reese Report
March 31, 2023


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Transcript prepared by Truth Comes to Light editor:


According to the media, female Audrey Hale, who identified as a male, murdered six at a Christian School in Nashville, TN, including three children.

An anti-gun lobbyist who witnessed the Highland Park parade shooting was at the crime scene with her friend, who lost a daughter at the Waffle House shooting.

They spent the day telling all the cameras how they were, coincidentally, there on vacation and that America needs more gun laws.

[Anti-Gun Lobbyist is seen here in various clips from local media & CNN.]

The US military routinely orchestrates simulated crises all over the country and hires civilians to be crisis actors.

And we’ve seen the use of crisis actors in several major events, such as 9/11 and the Boston Marathon bombing.

The anti-gun lobby has been accused of using crisis actors for years, but this is a whole new level. And when we look at the details of the Nashville shooting, the presence of the gun lobbyist does not appear to be a coincidence.

The Nashville shooting has signs of a typical false flag.

The woman being touted by the media as the shooter’s good friend who received the Instagram confession is actually just a childhood acquaintance who says she was contacted because she’s a local media personality.

The alleged shooter was under doctor’s care for an emotional disorder. And the shooter is seen wearing two different pairs of shoes within the hour.

Pumas going in and Vans going out. But there is more to this false flag than the typical gun grab.

This Saturday, a group called Trans Radical Activist Network is organizing a protest in Washington, DC, called Day of Vengeance. This is reportedly a new movement called Militant Trans, an armed branch of the LGBTQ cult that is threatening to kill those who oppose sex change ops for children.

Just hours after the Nashville shooting, the governor of Arizona’s press secretary tweeted a picture of a woman wielding two handguns with the caption “Us when we see transphobes”. This is followed by what appears to be online support. Madonna raises money in Nashville, not for the three murdered children, but for the trans community.

A trans named Adam Denker, who now goes by Kayla, recently made headlines for posting a short video with a rifle, threatening to fight back against transphobes.

Journalist Andy Ngo is reporting that Denker is a member of Antifa and is former military, which shouldn’t be a surprise. The military has changed their code to allow for transsexuals. Military psychologists have been pushing confused personnel into getting radical sexual reassignment surgeries, that the military is now paying for.

So far in 2023 alone, the US government has spent $10 million to research LGBTQ Americans. And that’s nothing. In the year 2017 well over 100 organizations gave $185 million to support the LGBTQ community.

And the top spender has been Big Pharma.

The mentally ill are being weaponized by the New World Order and we the people are being goaded into seeing them as the enemy.


Cover image credit: Dr. Meierhofer~commonswiki 

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