Globalists Spill the Beans at the World Government Summit — Controlled Digital Monetary System & Ongoing ‘WWW III’

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Globalists Spill the Beans at the World Government Summit — Controlled Digital Monetary System & Ongoing ‘WWW III’


Truth Comes to Light editor‘s note: Excerpts from New World Next Week Interview 1720

[Globalist/Elitist] Dr Pippa Malmgren:

“And what we’re seeing in the world today, I think, is we are on the brink of a dramatic change where we are about to, and I’ll say this boldly, we’re about to abandon the traditional system of money and accounting and introduce a new one.

And the new one, the new accounting, is what we call blockchain. It means digital. It means having a almost perfect record of every single transaction that happens in the economy, which will give us far greater clarity over what’s going on.”

James Evan Pilato:

“Like Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, she sees covid as an opportunity to transform the world. The new money system Malmgren talks about with such enthusiasm will not only be digital, it’ll be centralized and programmable.

As we’ve talked about the Bitcoin psyop now for several years, don’t confuse this with Bitcoin or other actual cryptocurrencies. The only thing it’ll share in common with other crypto is that it will be based on blockchain technology.

So what do they mean by programmable money? This means that central banks will have complete control over your money and can program it so that it can only be spent on certain things, in certain places.”

[Globalist/Elitist] Dr Pippa Malmgren:

We’re already in World War III. We are already in conflict that extends so far beyond Ukraine actually, even within the context of western Europe. But we’ve clearly been pretty much at war in space, below the surface of the ocean, submarine warfare between superpowers. I would even say that this has been happening for a least four years, and it spilled over into public view on the ground. But we don’t frame it that way.”

James Corbett:

“And then Pippa goes on with that statement, but also she prefaces that statement by saying what underpins a world order is always the financial system. Ding Ding Ding Ding. That is true… What is happening in Ukraine right now fundamentally, at base, is not a geopolitical event. It is a monetary event, a changeover in the monetary paradigm of the world

This is what it’s about. It’s the change over to the central bank digital currency paradigm. And, as she points out, the Chinese are pioneering it. And they’re the first ones to roll out with the digital yuan. And they’re spearheading this thrust into the digital divide — between pre-digital humanity and trans-humanity

It’s all about… how we set the rules around this. And who gets to be in charge of the system. Yes, this could be used for bad purposes, this kind of digital ID surveillance tracking control of everything that everyone does. But as long as it’s in the right hands, it’ll be okay. And you will notice that the pimps of the New World order will always frame it this way.”


Globalists Spill the Beans at the World Government Summit

by James Corbett & James Evan Pilato, The Corbett Report
April 7, 2022

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