Graphene, Green Energy, Crypto Mining and YOU

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Graphene, Green Energy, Crypto Mining and YOU

by Alicia GreenContributing Writer at Truth Comes to Light
July 26, 2021


Researchers at Cornell University show images of their graphene-based origami biomorphs in their research article, “Graphene-based bimorphs for micron-sized, autonomous origami machines.” They have found graphene can be used to create micron sized machines “for sensing, robotics, energy harvesting, and interacting with biological systems on the cellular level.”

In their short video (at 2:36) you can see an origami graphene-based biomorph machine:

“We can design a processor like the Intel 4004 that is small enough that it can fit on a machine….that is a 5th of a hair’s diameter. That is, you could put the computational power of the spaceship Voyager on a machine that is smaller than the width of a hair.”

Graphene can provide an endless supply of continuous low frequency green energy through its Brownian motion. According to, it may someday power the world.

“A team of physicists from the University of Arkansas led by Paul Thibado have found it’s possible to capture energy from graphene’s ripples as an endless source of clean energy.” describes green energy as energy that “utilizes energy sources that are readily available all over the world, including in rural and remote areas that don’t otherwise have access to electricity. Advances in renewable energy technologies have lowered the cost of solar panels, wind turbines and other sources of green energy, placing the ability to produce electricity in the hands of the people rather than those of oil, gas, coal and utility companies.”

Green energy can also be harvested from graphene by movement or heat.

“The research of Paul Thibado, professor of physics at the University of Arkansas, provides strong evidence that the motion of graphene could indeed be used as a source of clean, limitless energy.”

Graphene’s electrical capabilities can be used in tattoos, biosensors, and in clothing.  has listed 40 ways graphene is being used in our products:

“The first wave of graphene-based products are being used in the world of smartphones, wearables, batteries, virtual reality, sports equipment, super-capacitors and supercars… and that’s just the beginning.

Graphene is a material that some believe has been coerced from abandoned space ships, left on Earth by extraterrestrials years ago. While that’s a little unlikely, the power of this super-thin, strong, conductive and all-round amazing material is deserving of such a conspiracy.”

Graphene tattoos can allow us to interact electronically with our Internet of Things (IoT), home devices, and computers:

Coauthor Shideh Kabiri Ameri told “This area of research can have applications for the internet of things, smart houses and cities, human computer interaction, smart wheelchairs, speech assistance technology, monitoring of distracted driving, and human-robot control. Recently we have demonstrated the application of graphene tattoos for sensing human signals to wirelessly control flying objects. That demonstration will be reported in the near future.”

Graphene mixed in concrete can provide green energy for our homes. Graphene-infused cement “could lead to houses that don’t require wiring as the building material is already highly conductive on its own.”

Heidelberg Cement  has created “graphene-enhanced concrete that conducts electricity and will be able to heat houses, protect the outdoor areas from ice and snow, monitor the structural integrity of buildings and deliver energy to electric vehicles in motion directly from the pavement.”

Graphene’s electrical capability to power the Internet of Things, in conjunction with antennas and hotspots, could help to power the 5G low energy small cell WiFi grid and “smart cities“.  reported, in a meeting at  Mobile World Congress (MWC)  with  Julius Robson, the Chief Strategy Officer of the Small Cell Forum, Robson explains:

“Mobile operators can’t send out highly trained RF engineers to set up the multitude of small cells needed to establish the kind of coverage needed with these higher frequencies. Instead, Robson and the Forum have been developing a more automated process that is no more complicated than setting up a home Wi-Fi router.”

Robson added: “With the increased number of cells required to gain the coverage needed for 5G networks, you’re going to have to rethink the way you deploy. We are working on processes that are cheaper and more scalable so that you can train armies of people to go out and do that.”

The 5G small cell network is expanding through individuals and property owners. An open source 5G network through  FreedomFi  is helping to expand the 5G grid. People can purchase their  FreedomFi Gateway:

“FreedomFi Gateway is a radio agnostic LTE/5G network core (aka EPC). It sits between the small cell radio and the Internet.”

Property owners can also sign up to host a 5G antenna and earn income through  Citizen’s Broadband:

“Low cost, extremely-high-capacity indoor and/or outdoor small cell site 5G technology will be deployed at the Citizens Broadband partner’s property location to allow end users of the service access at the highest wireless speeds possible for watching high definition video, listening to music, transmitting large data files, and placing calls over mobile devices – at no cost to the property owner.”

5G works together with satellites to integrate the communication of the IoT. You can see on this interactive map that Starlink satellites cover almost the entire world. Starlink may one day be able to offer satellite internet connectivity all over the world which could further the advancement of the worldwide 5G IoT capabilities.

OQ Technology is an example of how 5G and satellites work together to bring about “smart” everything:

OQ Technology is the world’s first global satellite 5G IoT operator providing uninterrupted cellular coverage for your assets and machines anywhere in the planet.”

Crypto mining uses enormous amounts of electricity and can be very costly. By using green energy through the 5G IoT, crypto mining could be more efficient and less costly. explains how botnets help the Internet of Things mine crypto:

“The process involves releasing botnets on a private network of interconnected computers, smartphones, and other devices. The botnets combine the processing power of all the connected devices to generate computational power for mining cryptocurrency. The result is an increase in mining output with the use of fewer resources.”

Microsoft has a patent for the use of a crypto mining biosensor. The crypto mining will be based on body activity (see page 26) and the user will be awarded crypto currency.

With graphene being used to help electrically connect the Internet of Things, are the vaccines part of this inter-connectivity? 

La Quinta Columna recently claims to have found graphene in the SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccines. The U.S. Secretary of Treasury says the vaccines are related to the global economy, “A rapid and truly global vaccination program is the strongest stimulus we can provide to the global economy.”

Are the vaccines moving the world economy to crypto currency and will our human bodies be part of the IoT green energy grid used for crypto mining?

Email me and let me know what you think.

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