If the CIA and Mossad Created Hamas, Who Created the CIA and Mossad?

If the CIA and Mossad Created Hamas, Who Created the CIA and Mossad?

by Jon Rappoport
October 20, 2023

Mainstream media aren’t talking about it, but it’s an open secret: some 50 years ago, the US and Israel created Hamas—as an offset and competitor to Yasser Arafat and his Palestine Liberation Organization.

It was one more brilliant (aka asinine) example of meddling and launching endless enemies, who become our enemies when they turn on us. The CIA has specialized in this, all over the world.

The US and Israeli governments launched CIA and Mossad. These intel giants were tasked with collecting and interpreting information on potential enemies.

Of course, CIA and Mossad expanded their mandates and operations. Immediately. And that’s where the real trouble came.

“Let’s subvert our enemies. Let’s undertake hundreds and thousands of clandestine operations to neutralize and destroy our enemies. In the process, we can invent groups who will serve us and do the destroying for us…”

Yeah. Sure. A perfect formula for suicide.

And it caters to exactly the people you never want to give any power to. The chessboard game-playing crazies. Namely, your own operations case officers and planners.

THESE guys are loved by all sorts of big-time corporate and financial players (in the US and Israel), who are looking for a leg up in their foreign expansions efforts: finding new resources abroad, finding new markets, finding new corrupt allies.

Protecting national interests becomes EMPIRE.

Empire perverts and subverts little items like national Constitutions and the basic rule of law. “The law is for suckers. We’re the intel community. Just let us do our jobs. We know how to capture and win whatever we can get our hands on. Life is nothing more than winners and losers. Face it. And we’re the pros.”

Which takes us much deeper into the rabbit hole. Into places where morality and reality clash. Where sympathy and common sense clash. Where the whole idea of what an independent nation is and should be is challenged and potentially destroyed.

This rabbit hole is where many people don’t want to go. It challenges and nullifies, they believe, every important human impulse.


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