Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda

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Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda
A film by award-winning filmmaker Andy Wakefield, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Children’s Health Defense. Watch the chilling tale of African women whose fertility was tragically stripped away through an experimental tetanus vaccination program. Are women everywhere next?
“When they’re through with Africa, they’re coming for you.”
~ Dr. Stephan Karanja

by Andy Wakefield Media and Children’s Health Defense
June 10, 2022


Where there is a risk, there should be a choice

In this documentary film, you’ll learn:

  • The chilling, harrowing story of how a World Health Organization (WHO) population control experiment, under the guise of a vaccination program, resulted in the sterilization of millions of women in Africa without their knowledge or consent.
  • How the ability to carry a pregnancy to term has been tragically stripped away from these women as their government attempts to cover up the evidence.
  • About a brave, Kenyan doctor — Dr. Stephen Karanja — who warned the world that once they’re done with Africa, they’re coming for the children and everyone else.
  • Perspectives from leading experts expressing their concerns regarding other vaccines that could cause infertility in women around the world, including the COVID shot.

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