James Fetzer on the 9/11 Coverup

James Fetzer on the 9/11 Coverup
There were no planes. Nuclear bombs were used. Holograms were beamed. And the Israeli government was involved.

by Jeremy Nell, Jerm Warfare
September 11, 2022


I have hosted a few 9/11 conversations, from Mike Berger arguing that controlled demolition was used, to Judy Wood’s fascinating hypothesis surrounding directed energy weapons.

Firstly, I’m not going to entertain the laughable, official story.

Sixteen years after a series of coordinated terrorist attacks by al-Qaeda (as the story goes) shook the United States and the world, the number of questions-raised-left-unanswered has perhaps never been any higher. Through their constant probing, investigating and challenging of the official story, world-class journalists, architects, engineers and families of the victims of 9/11 in particular have, however, to their credit, managed to unearth and pool together enough evidence over the years, to make a compelling case to suggest that the “official” narrative of 9/11 is only a “story” and not an accurate narration of what had actually happened.

Eresh Omar Jamal, The Daily Star, circa 2017

Secondly, understanding what actually happened is difficult due to mass censorship by The Cathedral (media plus government plus academia). A good indicator of where one might find (more of) the truth, however, is to search for what is being censored or outside of the Overton Window.

At least, that’s my rule of thumb.

Which is why I am intrigued by both Mike’s and Judy’s arguments. James Fetzer, who has been my podcast a few times, has been investigating 9/11 for many years and, in my opinion, has the most persuasive hypothesis.

Where is the aircraft?

Where is the aircraft?

Our Conversation

In the following two-hour conversation, James presents 135 slides and an enormous amount of critique, including

  • what happened (or didn’t happen) at the Pentagon;
  • what happened (or didn’t happen) at Shanksville;
  • why planes could not have crashed into the Twin Towers;
  • why two of the four planes didn’t even take off;
  • why Osama and Muslim “terrorists” were a false flag;
  • the use of “mini-nukes” (which gives weight to the spike in cancers);
  • the names and faces of those involved; and
  • the motivations behind the operation.

I recommend watching instead of listening, for obvious reasons.


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