Jerm Warfare: Judith Curry on the Complexities of Earth’s Climate

Judith Curry on the Complexities of Earth’s Climate
Why is a warmer climate something to fear? A colder Earth is way worse. 

by Jeremy Nell, Jerm Warfare
December 12, 2022


Judith Curry is the president of Climate Forecast Applications Network (CFAN) and previously the professor and chair of the School Of Earth And Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute Of Technology. Judith also has a really informative website, Climate Etc.

There’s no climate emergency

When it comes to mega-trends (a great term coined by Thierry Baudet), pretty much everything I see in the establishment media is nonsense.

Global warming climate change the “climate emergency” is the big bogeyman perpetuated by everybody who has been propagandised by governments, big corporations and Hollywood. Whether or not they actually believe the garbage with which they pollute society, their alarmism is nevertheless complete nonsense, as Tony Heller explained.

And as Greenpeace cofounder Patrick Moore explained.

Earth’s climate is complex

The demonisation of CO2 as the single vector towards a global catastrophe is absurd, as Judith notes in our conversation below. There are lots of things going on and there is no “control knob” that anybody can turn to adjust Earth’s changing climate.

Valentina Zharkova is one of the world’s leading solar physicists and gave a great presentation on why humans are simply not powerful enough to compete with the sun.

Another interesting variable is geoengineering which, Judith warns, is a bad idea because playing God can and will lead to serious problems down the line.

Our conversation

Basically, stop worrying about climate change and get on with living a good life. Fossil fuels are a great way to build economies and push poor people out of poverty.


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