La Quinta Columna Scientists: How Zinc Helps the Body Get Rid of Graphene Oxide

La Quinta Columna Scientists: How Zinc Helps the Body Get Rid of Graphene Oxide


La Quinta Columna: Zinc Helps Raise Glutathione Levels and Glutathione Helps Degrade Graphene Oxide

by Orwellito, Orwell City
July 14, 2021


In their program #81, La Quinta Columna keeps their research on how to detoxify graphene in the body. The team already mentioned that N-acetylcysteine and glutathione certainly work to degrade graphene, but today they talked about a very readily available supplement: zinc.

Zinc has an interaction with glutathione and that is that the higher the concentration of zinc in the blood, the more glutathione the body produces. This is demonstrated in the study entitled ‘Effect of zinc deficiency on blood glutathione levels.’

Another interesting study they read and discussed during the program was entitled ‘Decreased zinc availability affects glutathione metabolism in neuronal cells and in the developing brain,’ which highlights that zinc deficiency leads to an increase in cellular oxidants. As zinc levels are low, glutathione metabolism in the brain changes, leading to neuronal cell deterioration.

From the same study, they concluded that zinc probably requires the enzyme γ-Glutamylcysteine synthetase (GCL) to synthesize glutathione, so it is important for each person to have optimal zinc levels to stimulate and guarantee an optimal glutathione reserve as well.

And of course, since we’re talking about the fashionable disease which is caused by something that it’s clearly not a virus, La Quinta Columna also found medical evidence that shows that the supplementation of zinc improves the prognosis of patients since it reduces mortality and recovery time.

The Spanish researchers will continue to investigate the subject and look for further relationships between zinc and graphene oxide.

To complement the studies that La Quinta Columna read during the live broadcast, Orwell City has selected excerpts from the program highlighting their conclusions after reading them. The same excerpts cover the topics of the papers in a more practical and didactic way.

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: The lesson is that this would be an adjuvant or coadjuvant treatment, which means it would be a background treatment when treating against intoxication if it is true that graphene is what produces it. At some point, we would prove our hypothesis with an article that tells us how it is activated, how it becomes super oxidizing under wave exposure. If we find such a paper, then we will have found the key to all this. It’s the only one we’re missing. Let’s see if we ever find it.

But we suspect that graphene when exposed to certain waves —and this is for people who don’t use to watch the program— graphene under the effect of a certain frequency or certain waves, becomes aggressive. It becomes harmful to the body. As long as you have it, it has its negative effects like thrombi, etcetera, and that you cannot avoid whatever its energetic state is. But if on top of that it is excited, surely graphene changes its chemical quality. It stops being a neutral agent, probably, and becomes a super oxidizing agent, and that’s what triggers all the rest, all the disease: the cytokine storm and all that story.

Ricardo Delgado: It alters oxidative stress. It raises it rapidly in a balanced function with what the glutathione levels are and you get immune system disruption, crashes, cytokine storm, and everything that we know.

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: It consumes all the reducing agents in the body. It consumes them. And once they are consumed, as there is no longer a barrier, it will ‘devour’ everything. Devour it in quotation marks, because this reaction has no teeth, but it combines with everything, and with what it combines with it destroys it, it inactivates it, it is no longer useful. And of course, you cannot do that in a body, because if you touch molecules and neutralize them, everything becomes a house of cards. It starts to collapse all over the place.


Ricardo Delgado: I have an anecdote. When we had the meeting in Seville, I was approached by two nurses who had been coerced to get vaccinated and I asked them: ‘And do you have magnetism?’ And they were already aware of N-acetylcysteine, glutathione, and so on. One of them already had a dose. They were young. They were about 30 to 35 years old, to my naked eye. And one said to me, ‘Look. One of the secrets is that I’m taking zinc. I take garlic —the famous antibiotic black garlic which is also an antioxidant— and I take zinc in high doses because I am also an athlete.’ And that was helping him along with the magnesium. And he said that since he was taking it, the magnetism had disappeared in a matter of four or five days. So it is an anecdote, but logically it is an assertion that is going to be added to what we are talking about here because it would surely affect.

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: Well, perhaps it also has a direct effect on the molecule. Here we see that it may be by way of the synthesis of glutathione, but perhaps when degraded…

Ricardo Delgado: …it converts graphene oxide.

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: Or it combines with it and neutralizes it. It incapacitates it. Maybe it forms a weird bond, who knows what kind of bond it forms and that. That little hexagon or that little crystal, when you put zinc in there, it doesn’t work anymore, it loses that superconductivity.

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: Remember that graphene gained that property under certain temperatures and, I think it gained it when it was deoxygenated or something like that. I don’t remember what the mechanism was that made it gain conductivity or lose it. It was a matter of combining the atoms. I don’t know if it was combining with oxygen atoms. I don’t remember. There was a combination that made it superconducting and one that made it non-conducting. Then those molecules as soon as you put things in, that change the picture. That’s pure chemistry. This type of material is almost alchemical. I mean, it’s a total change what you get. It has nothing to do with what it was originally. We’re talking about the famous emergent properties. When you manipulate that material you get things that you didn’t even expect compared to what you had as a base.

Ricardo Delgado: Is it possible that such a simple supplement can determine whether a person lives or dies, in this situation, with a supplement like zinc? And the truth is that there are many studies.

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: Perfectly. Keep in mind that this is all a balance of damages. In the end, a person who can endure a little bit and who, well, who is more or less at the limit, you help that person fight the damage and it can be lifesaving.

If you do nothing, it will trigger, as they say, the famous cytokine storm. Remember that when the storm is triggered, it is going to repair, but it is going to repair by not giving a fine response. That’s like a Tomahawk missile that goes right in there, with its target in its sights and impacts. Just like that missile did with that terrorist’s car in that movie, you know which one.

No, no. This, when the immune response is triggered, will kill the cell that is bad and there will be no mercy for the others that are around. They are going to fall too because it is going to go all out, everything is thrown into the same bag and everything is going to be swept away. If this one is sick and if the one next to it is not, it doesn’t matter. They all fall. That’s why once a storm breaks out, the damage is irreparable. You have to administer powerful anti-inflammatory drugs to stop it because there is no way to stop it. That is why steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which are corticosteroids, work to treat the affection. But of course, we did not know that there was an antidote. We were just thinking about what I told you before.

Ricardo Delgado: The myth of inflammation.

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: Of course, we were always thinking about inflammation as the mechanism to focus all the treatment on. But my friend, is that we have a cause that we didn’t think about before. That everything was coming from a triggered inflammatory mechanism, an immune response.

Do you realize how much time we have lost? But as soon as you realize that the damage is chemical, you can neutralize the damaging power of that chemical with antidotes. And in that case, the damages that can come behind are less. There will still be because there is always damage. There will be an inflammatory response, but you will minimize it if you attack the toxic agent, which solves the problem.

Ricardo Delgado: Indeed, the immune system in its natural process of attacking whatever it is will provoke an inflammatory phenomenon, it will provoke a fever and it can kill you, which is what happens.

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: That is what happens. It doesn’t stop once it’s triggered. It doesn’t stop and people start to fall.

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