Larry & Carstens’ Excellent Pandemic

Larry & Carstens’ Excellent Pandemic

by John Titus, BestEvidence
August 14, 2021


Video is available at BestEvidence Odysee, BitChute and YouTube channels.

The pandemic presented forensically for what it is, namely, a massive theatrical edifice intended to distract popular attention away from the fact that criminal bankers running the monetary system are making a massive push toward full-on totalitarianism through monetary and financial control.


(1) BIS General Manager Agustin Carstens explains with gusto that central banks will have full control over retail CBDC transactions, including ability to block individual transactions:

(2) Sovereign Money (2017), by Joseph Huber,SD,aaaVxBtyTDWxd4O2DY_1497963026_1:4:1&bq=author%3Djoseph%2520huber%26title%3Dsovereign%2520money%2520beyond%2520reserve%2520banking

(3) “Can banks individually create money out of nothing?,” by Prof. Richard Werner

(4) “Mommy, Where Does Money Come From?”

(5) Steven Van Metre, “Fed’s Latest Scam to Force More U.S. Debt on Depositors,”

(6) “Wherefore Art Thou, Reserves?”

(7) “Quantitative Easing Is the Biggest Sham Ever”


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