Leslie Manookian With Reiner Fuellmich: “People Have No Idea How Controlled Everything They See Is”

Leslie Manookian With Reiner Fuellmich: “People Have No Idea How Controlled Everything They See Is”


This video is a clip from Corona Investigative Committee’s Special Session: International Legal Offensive – Part 1 by Oval Media and Corona Ausschuss and can be found at our Brighteon and Odysee channels.

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Excerpts from Transcript:

Leslie Manookian

People have no idea how controlled everything that they see is. And when I say everything they see, I mean not just the newspaper, not just television news, but in the medical journals, what the hospital research centers, what all of the research centers and government agencies are putting out.

And the reason for that is twofold.

One is that the vast majority of research — I mean almost all research is done either by the pharmaceutical industry or taxpayer/government grants that are taxpayer funded. And government has policies, right? They promote vaccines. They promote all sorts of things. They promote the pharmaceutical industry in many, many ways.

And the pharmaceutical industry is the number one advertiser in all media outlets — 70% of television news in the United States in a non-election year…

They also are the biggest purchaser of what is called medical journal reprints. So, when medical journals are put out, doctors subscribe and libraries and other institutions subscribe, and that’s one portion of the revenue stream for these journals. But a gigantic portion — if I remember correctly, 40% in some cases, maybe 50% — is actually what’s called journal reprints. And so what happens is the pharmaceutical industry funds the research.

They oftentimes have ghost-written research so they just pay someone to write it. And this has been revealed in lawsuits against Eli Lilly and other corporations over time. And then they’ll just put a doctor’s name on it who wants to show that they’ve been “published”. And then they get it published in a peer-reviewed journal. And then they pay for reprints of that peer-reviewed journal.

So they get an article, really glossy and nicely printed of their research that’s been published in a journal. And then they send it out all over the world.

So if you’re a medical journal, and that’s 40% of your revenues, are you going to be very discerning about what you publish? Or are you going to publish things that are very sympathic to the pharmaceutical industry? And that’s what happens.

And then there’s another piece of it which is really important…

In 1992 the Prescription Drug User Fee Act was passed in the United States by the Congress. And it was updated, I think, in 2007 and then more recently. And what this did was actually facilitate industry capturing FDA. Okay?

So it used to be that FDA was funded by, just by taxpayer dollars. Right? It was a government entity. Now, FDA drug approvers, drug reviewers, 50 to 60% or their salaries are paid directly by the pharmaceutical industry itself. More than that even in some years…

So you have a situation where the FDA drug reviewers are beholding to the pharmaceutical industry itself, rather than to the people that they are supposed to be protecting — the public. So it is just so corrupt.

And then there’s a third wheel of this, which is that it’s not just the pharmaceutical industry but in the first decade of this century the Gate’s foundation gave a billion dollars — a billion with a B — to the media in the United States. Okay? A billion dollars. And what did they do it for? They gave them — “gave” them, right? — they gave them a billion dollars in order to make sure they were trained, and educated to portrays the Gates’ foundation perspective “accurately”.

Reiner Fuellmich

Accurately. Yeah. Whatever that means… The thing is it’s more than a spider web, it’s a swamp of corruption.

Leslie Manookian

It’s massive collusion.

Reiner Fuellmich

It’s everywhere. It includes all areas of society. It includes politics. It includes industry. It includes — probably includes some of the courts as well. We know that it does here in Europe. We know it does in Germany. And there are few people out there who are capable of understanding what’s going on.

We do have to have a great reset but quite different from what the other side wants it to be. Quite different.

Leslie Manookian

For the last 20 years they’ve been really laying the groundwork for “this moment”. What they did was, in the United States in particular, they introduced — after 9/11 — they introduced the Patriot Act which allowed warrantless search and seizure, and mass surveillance for Americans. And that was literally produced and passed 45 days after 9/11. That’s just impossible. Right? And within a couple of weeks the Model State Emergency Powers Act legislation was introduced and it’s been ratified in whole or in part by, I think, 43 states last time I looked. And what that did was confer extraordinary police power to health departments and governors in the event of a disease outbreak.

Reiner Fuellmich

Of course, once they have that power they will never give it up again.

Leslie Manookian

Exactly. And then in 2005 the PREP Act which conferred more power on the secretary of Health and Human Services and provided immunity from any kind of prosecutions — or legal and financial liability for vaccines — or any kind of medical products used during an emergency. And then you fastforward to 2012, [20]13 and [20]16 and they legalized propagandizing American citizens, set up the program to do it and funded it. So anything that you read or watch or see anywhere in the media could possibly pure lies and subversion by our intelligence agencies in order to manipulate and control the populace.

Reiner Fuellmich

You know the good thing is that it’s all coming out into the open now. All of it. All of it. Slowly but surely. But it’s picking up speed actually because the other side, in some ways, seems to be panicking. You mentioned when we talked last time that there is some evidence that this — not ours, not the one that I was just talking about but their “Great Reset” has failed, or is failing in the United States. Because some of the states just don’t play along anymore.

Leslie Manookian

…Think about that. If only 84 million people in America have been fully vaccinated, that’s about a quarter of our population. That really suggests to me that they are not in control of the narrative…

This is a global takedown of democracy. It’s a global coup. It’s an effort to destroy western civilization.


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