Mark Bailey With Jeremy Nell on Virus Hunting

Mark Bailey on Virus Hunting
Is there any evidence that viruses exist and cause illness?

by Jeremy Nell, Jerm Warfare
August 8, 2022


Mark Bailey is a medical doctor and husband to Sam Bailey (who is also a doctor).

Sam is probably the initial reason why I changed my views on viruses. Her videos inspired me to read two excellent books;

I have since had the pleasure of chatting to many individuals who approach virology with caution, including Andy KaufmanDenis RancourtDavid Rasnick, and Tom Cowan.

As it turns out, Mark is the mastermind behind a bunch of Sam’s videos and the No Virus Challenge.

The Challenge

The following is the official challenge, signed by a group of great minds.

Settling the Virus Debate PDF

It’s neither a gotcha nor is it rigged to favour a particular outcome.

Proper Science

The challenge is simply to provide real-world evidence of SARS-CoV-2 using computer models the Scientific Method (which is completely ignored in pharmaceutical science).

A photo isn’t enough because it says nothing about causality. A photo of hyenas eating a dead antelope says nothing about whether or not the hyenas killed the antelope. (A hunter might have killed it and the hyenas arrived later.)

Furthermore, reproducibility is critical, hence it being part of the Scientific Method. If the same results can’t be repeated, then the hypothesis is false. For example, if the claim that a certain type of plastic is heat resistant under certain conditions, but tests repeatedly reveal that it is not heat resistant under the said conditions, then the claim is false.

Similarly, if the claim that SARS-CoV-2 causes COVID-19, then tests must be conducted and must be reproducible.

There is nothing unusual about such logic; it is precisely how proper science works.

TNT Conversation

Mark joined me for a conversation about viruses and the aforementioned challenge. It is well worth listening to.

Podcast Conversation

A few days after our TNT conversation, Mark joined me on my podcast for an overlapping, but more free-flowing chat with coffee, craft beer, and power failures.


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