May 20th, 2024 — Message RE Reiner Fuellmich Court Case From Lawyer Dr. Cristof Miseré

May 20th, 2024 — Message RE Reiner Fuellmich Court Case From Lawyer Dr. Cristof Miseré

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Dam break!!

A personal comment from lawyer Dr. Cristof Miseré:

Incredible attack on the defense in the LG Göttingen proceedings (Dr. Füllmich).

Apparently, all barriers to the illegal imprisonment of the defendant Dr. Füllmich for politically motivated reasons seem to have been broken.

The Göttingen Regional Court has now, following the documented objective of a politically intended conviction of the accused, which has been correctly referred to here and in the exercise of fundamental rights of defence, from which, as stated, the final objective of the ineligibility of the accused Dr Füllmich should arise, by means of a so-called procedural order, attempted to “threaten” the defence of the accused or to restrict and thus prevent a further proper defence.

This is objectively and subjectively a blatant attack on the defense and, correspondingly, on the defendant himself, the likes of which I have never seen before. It is quite obvious that the presiding judge, Schindler, is no longer able or willing to conduct the proceedings fairly and lawfully, or he no longer wants to participate in the proceedings and the politically intended verdict and is hoping that, as a person who is clearly no longer impartial, he can save himself by assuming bias and thus excluding himself from the proceedings.

I will use this and other incidents as an opportunity to contact Amnesty International etc. with regard to the defendant’s detention, which I consider to be unlawful, and the court’s actions, which we believe to be unlawful, so that this trial can be monitored from a legal history perspective.

In particular, the current legal opinion of the trial court remains completely untenable and, in our opinion, blatantly disregards dogmatic principles of current German criminal law. To put it clearly: de lege lata, it would be rather unlikely that one would pass a university exam with the court’s new construction (if it were not new, there would have been no need for a legal reference, so that the court’s protective claims in this regard contradict themselves).

Among other things, the Regional Court asserts, without any evidence, that a dossier submitted by the German federal services or a German federal service does not exist.

This is completely unfounded. If we knew under what specific circumstances this dossier and other information was given to me, it would be immediately clear that this is of course nonsense.

However, the BKA itself did not make this inaccurate claim, although it was asked by the public prosecutor. That says it all for any insider!

Crucial parts of the dossier are said to have come from people or from a person who, as an informant, is supposed to be directly responsible for Mr. Templin, and whose function and name are also available to the defense, so that we assume that this person (Templin, and with him the port attorneys and thus the complainants themselves) is directly involved in the content of the dossier through an exchange of information or other communication, especially since Mr. Templin is politically connected to this person in several associations and also worked for them as a lawyer until recently. This informant works for the BKA and another service, but according to my information is himself monitored by another of the services.

There are also different opinions within the service regarding how to deal with the “coronavirus injustice”.

This also corresponds to the fact that the court is now opposed to the questioning of the witness, lawyer Templin, who was originally intended as a witness. You already know what you have to do and what is expected of you.

The dossier was, moreover, assigned to the undersigned by circles of the “services” or the judiciary in a broader sense that are particularly committed to the rule of law, with the clear indication that this is a process that is politically motivated. I have now been able to form my own impression of the latter assessment: it is quite obviously so, without any justifiable doubt.

So you can see that there is resistance to this procedure even from internal circles and that is a good thing.

Since, as we all know, the law does not have to give way to injustice, I will not allow myself to be influenced in any way by this threat from the court. We will also not allow Chairman Schindler to “play tricks” on our valued client. He can “take poison” on that, although I do not want this to be misunderstood as incitement to suicide.

And my opinion is that the action in Mexico, which only took place under malicious deception of the accused and in collusion with the public prosecutor’s office, precisely that politically active BKA mentioned above and the so-called port lawyers, represents a kidnapping in the broader sense (the GDR also used this method, of course with the same formal security, and around 700 kidnappings were known).

We continue to fight for the rights even on a holiday like today.

The first holiday is when the lawyer Dr. Füllmich, who we believe is a political prisoner, is released again.

Dr. Miseré


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