Michael Clarage: Is There an Electric Universe Model of Time?

Michael Clarage: Is There an Electric Universe Model of Time?

by Michael Clarage, Thunderbolts Project
October 15, 2023


Is there an Electric Universe perspective on time? Rather than to convince you that time has dimensions, the goal here is to convince you that our ancestors thought so.

If you believe an ancient Japanese text which says that a new planet, Venus, entered our solar system, perhaps you will believe an Egyptian text that says time has three dimensions just as space does.

We begin with a four-point analysis and exploration of time gleaned from classical physics:

1) The reality of a “present moment” is on shaky ground;

2) The rate at which time flows is unclear;

3) There are lines of time as well as points of time;

4) Multiple versions of systems can simultaneously exist.

It’s also appropriate to acknowledge ancient knowledge that can be derived from the Hermetica—writings from various historical periods, though most ideas have their origins in the very distant past of Egypt tens or hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Michael Clarage, PhD, Astrophysicist and Lead Scientist of SAFIRE, states his arguments, from classical physics and older civilizations, for a modern perspective of time.


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