More Antarctic Strangeness: The Temperature Anomaly

More Antarctic Strangeness: The Temperature Anomaly

by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star
March 21, 2022


This story, as might be expected, caught the eye of several of this website’s [Giza Death Star] regular readers and article contributors, and I’m trying to recall similar stories except I can’t, unless one includes that movie by Charlie Sheen called The Arrival. In the opening scene of the movie, one sees a close-up of a lady (who turns out to be a climatologist), looking at a field of flowers growing in an isolated area, which field is – as the camera pulls back for a more encompassing view – surrounded by snow and ice. As the camera keeps pulling back, you discover that the lady is looking at a field of flowers in Antarctica. Her words sum up the dilemma: “This shouldn’t be here.”

Other than that movie, I can’t think of anything as dramatic as the following, for Antarctica appears to be in the middle of something of a heat wave, as temperatures in places have risen almost seventy degrees above normal. Of course, in Antarctica, when places record temperatures that average about fifty degrees below zero, that puts things at a balmy twenty degrees. But by Antarctic standards, that’s a heat wave, a big one:

It’s 70 degrees warmer than normal in eastern Antarctica. Scientists are flabbergasted.

The question is why?

The explanations could be many: (1) volcanic eruptions we’ve not been told about. I used to discount such ideas, but in the post-planscamdemic world where the propotainment media has been literally making things up as they go to fit the narrative need-of-the-moment, I don’t any more. If you live in Patagonia and it’s raining volcanic ash, please let us know.  (2) A secret Antarctic Nazi cattle ranch with thousands of heads of cattle, all grazing contentedly and farting away without a care in the world. That, or all the world’s cow farts have gathered inexplicably over Antarctica, and the temperature anomaly is the result.

Needless to say, I’ve never been very enthused about cow farts and greenhouse gasses as an explanation for tautological “climate change.” I can buy the “unknown geophysical processes” for the reason stated. Indeed, in The Nazi International I pointed out some incredibly strange seismographs allegedly from Antarctica, which showed standing waves of absolutely enormous amplitude which, if real, indicated something mightily peculiar was going on down there, without any corresponding earthquakes. Indeed, if the amplitude of the waves was any indicator, the planet should have been shaking itself apart, but it wasn’t (obviously), which means either the waves and seismographs were faked or that the waves were more or less zero-summing and canceling out, and that proposition is statistically improbable if the waves were purely natural phenomena. If statistically improbable, then that implies the use of a technology to cancel out the waves, or to create them in the first place and ensure they canceled out.

All that to say that I do buy the idea that “climate change” is man-made. I just don’t buy the standard models advanced for it, but rather, look to the black projects world and the strange technologies that it has created that we know about, and that can manipulate systems of a planetary scale, like ionospheric heaters.  It seems to me it’s either a technology, or – if one reads the article carefully – Antarctica does appear at first glance to have some very long wave cycles of record cold, and record heat…and those may have something to do with those bizarre seismograms I wrote about in The Nazi International.  You can colour me crazy if you want, but both of those explanations boil down to a technology.

Which brings us back to the movie. Charlie Sheen and the lady climatologist eventually bump into each other in Mexico, whence their attempt to track down anomalies has led them.  The lady is eventually murdered by scorpions in her sleezy hotel bedroom (long story) and Charlie Sheen barely escapes murder-by-bathtub-being-dropped-on-him in his sleezy hotel room (another long story). Sheen goes on to track down the “climate change” to a power plant in Mexico that is a disguise for an industrial plant whose sole purpose is to increase the ambient temperature of the Earth in order to terraform the planet for a race of extra-terrestrials in bio-suits that look just like us.  The movie is ridiculous in its plot, of course. But the message – highly anomalous temperatures in Antarctica as the result of the hidden application of technology?  Not so ridiculous on my view…

And it all began in Antarctica one bright and sunny day…

All this raises yet another question and set of high octane speculations.

If this anomaly is somehow being deliberately manipulated  (a mighty big “if”), the question is why? A few years ago the  ice sheet melting in Antarctica attracted the attention of quite a few people, including this website(just search for “Antarctica” on this website [Giza Death Star] and most of my blogs about the strangeness of the place will show up). One of the icebergs that had “broken off” from the continent turned out to be nearly perfectly rectilinear, as if it had been cut away. Another blog talked about Antarctica needing more snow as it was melting away. Now there is a massive temperature anomaly which, again, provokes the question “why?” Why would anyone be deliberately doing it?  I can think of at least one crazy answer. If there is any place on planet Earth that fills the bill for a lost continent buried under water and that it beyond the pillars of Hercules – Atlantis – it’s Antarctica.  It is, after all, a continent, and it is, after all, literally under water in the form of a massive ice sheet, and it’s certainly “beyond the pillars of Hercules”. Scientists tell us that there is abundant evidence that the continent was once temperate, that plants grew there… and perhaps a civilization flourished there. How does one dig up such an archaeological site under ice, one spanning an entire continent, to go looking for “stuff”? One melts it… and a few meters’ gain of sea level I don’t put past “them” if it means getting their hands on some highly advanced ancient technology.

See you on the flip side…


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