On the Nonsense of Needing Unity in the ‘Freedom Movement’

On the Nonsense of Needing Unity in the ‘Freedom Movement’

by Kathleen Stilwell, editor & curator, Truth Comes to Light
originally published March 22, 2023 at TCTL substack


I’m sure you’ve run across the same podcasts and articles that I have, urging “us” all to unite, to avoid division and to avoid discord.

The so-called freedom movement consists of many different groups. Some focus only on medical freedom (no forced medical procedures, drugs, vaccines, etc.) while others work within a particular political construct. Then there are others who focus on monetary privacy or on the right to be left alone and to choose where we put our money and energies.

It’s in the areas of medical freedom and freedom from “excess” government that a lot of fuzzy thinking seems to show up. To be free to question ALL medical authority, ALL science and ALL governments is just too strong a stance for some who claim the title freedom fighter.

Freedom, by its very nature, defies control. To assume that freedom will be contained and practiced within a movement or a crusade is nonsense. Freedom does not seek to corral us into one more cattle chute just because we hang a sign that says “Enter Here for Freedom” at the gate.

Some call for us all to forget about questioning the virus narrative (and the nonsense of virology itself). It’s too divisive and harmful to “the movement” they say. They tell us that they just don’t get the importance of this particular issue. Apparently, if it’s not important to them then it must not be important.

They say that now is not the time to question the entrenched lies of the entire vaccine agenda and other poisonous “medicines” that have been maiming and killing our children and neighbors for longer than any of us can remember.

They tell us that now is not the time for humanity to wake up to how all governments and all packaged belief systems control us through fear.

They tell us we must unify around central figures, key ideologies, alternative celebrities (or those often referred to as “luminaries”), alternative experts, certain religions, etc. It’s urgent they say.

And they tell us that we must unite or fail.

Truth Is Not Fragile

Where did the idea come from that truth and freedom are so fragile and limited that they need our particular groups in order to survive? Do we not understand that although the voice in support of freedom speaks through us, it does not belong to us?

If we die, will not truth live on?

If our efforts to reveal the control systems around us seemingly fail to take root, will not the voice of freedom in the individual arise again and again?

If the assortment of battling overlords out there somehow manage to blow up the planet, is all lost? Or could it be that all that is real would still be somewhere (if not exactly here)?

Is this really the most dire time for humanity, and for all living things, in the history of this realm? Or are there clues that we’ve been here before?

Freedom, Truth, Courage, Love

Freedom is love actually. Truth is love. And courage is love.

These are realities that can ever be contained within a movement, can never be controlled by a narrative, can never ever be held spellbound within any language or any belief system. And they certainly will never be captured within the languages of mathematics, science or religion, no matter how elegant the language.

Freedom compels us to let go of all the fear and to be at ease and peace in a state of uncertainty. We must ask the questions in order that the falsehoods be revealed for what they are. However, we must be careful to never replace a lie with another made-up belief just because voids make us nervous.

To be free, we must become comfortable with the void and just let the unknowing of it all stand here in our midst. With trust in life itself we can just say “I don’t know”. And then we can listen, observe, interact with and speak to our own mystery.

We do not need a user’s manual nor do we need a religion or political idea to find the love within. Truth is right here at the quiet center of the world’s stormy ways. Consciousness and awareness are right here. Not out there. Not above us. They are right here.

Love, freedom, truth and courage have no problem standing tall in a room filled with differing opinions — in a room inhabited by the partially blind, partially deaf humans who all seek greater understanding of what this place is all about and why we are here.

There are no know-it-alls here. Not a one.

Life Cannot Fail

Freedom is the portal to discovery, to seeing the lies that we’ve bought into, to listening closely and hearing secrets of the universe that we haven’t yet let in.

Freedom cannot fail anymore than truth or love can fail. These essences are inherent in all that is real. They are part of consciousness itself. They are how we understand our source, our soul.

Freedom is not found in battling the enemy. Our way through all of this is in understanding what the matrix is, what it is not, and what it can never be.

Those who seek to control consciousness will never succeed. “It’s like trying to nail Jello to a tree” is an expression a friend of mine uses. It’s exactly like that.

Those who seek full spectrum dominance over our reality only have access to (but not necessarily control of) what they can see. And they really don’t see much, being mostly blind.

And, most certainly, they are not free.


© March 2023, Kathleen Stilwell

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