Pandemic? Blame the Cats. — Monkeying Around With Pox

Pandemic? Blame the Cats.
Monkeying Around With Pox

by el gato malo, bad cattitude
May 20, 2022


hey, let’s play a pandemic wargame and blame leopards!


every leopard in the world right now:


i mean, what is this, the simpsons?


i know cats are intimidating to humans, but you people seriously need to get a a grip.


that said, let’s not forget how oddly timely the G7 pandemic wargame for a hypothetical disease that looked an awful lot like covid.



which, i have to admit, makes this look a little iffy alongside the “leopard pox”


right friends?

i mean, what sort of person would try to run that same play twice in a row?


and for the record, unless something truly dramatic has changed, monkeypox is just not that dangerous.
Is Monkeypox Hype a Paid Media Campaign?
i was going to do a piece on it, but igor beat me to it and i really have nothing much to add apart from the idea that i doubt that it was paid or even coordinated.
it’s just another topic the media all grabbed onto because it might turn into something and it will sell a few papers in the meantime. they all have the same 4 sources, so it’s not like it’s hard to see how it propagates.
there is no need to suspect a conspiracy.
it’s just the emergent property of “scary thing sells papers!”


but even reuters, despite their alarmist “worst ever” and “WHO emergency meeting” headlines is calling this a nothingburger.
(this is a classic practice BTW. alarming headline that few will read past that is actually refuted/disarmed in the body of the piece if you actually read it. only scanning headline nearly always leaves one with a vastly inflated sense of crisis.)
i suspect this is more about clamoring attention, the WHO trying to look useful/needed while they try to push through their massive power grab and posing for the papers, and left leaning media seeking to distract from some other matters like this:


and this:


but as of now, apart from more of this aggravatingly consistent policy of maligning felines for the world’s woes, i suspect the odds are in our favor to ignore monkeypox and media alike.
and just remember, when the gang whose reckless ineptitude broke the world for 2 years and brought you this asks for more unaccountable, technocratic power,


you already know the answer.


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