Pentagon Funded Bioweapon Labs in the Ukraine & the Weaponization of Life Itself

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Pentagon Funded Bioweapon Labs in the Ukraine & the Weaponization of Life Itself
TCTL editor’s note: Below you will find a collection of articles related to biolabs, bioweapons, geoengineering, “viruses” and more. Highlighted is Greg Reese’s recent video on the biolabs in the Ukraine. (A transcript is provided below his video.)
This is offered as a connect-the-dots sample of articles as we continue to look for the truth about the apparent long-term plan for global domination and the enslavement of humanity.
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Pentagon Funded Bio-Weapons Labs in the Ukraine

by Greg Reese, Reese Report
March 6, 2022

Video available at Reese Report Rumble channel.

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Transcript provided by Truth Comes to Light:

For years now, Russia has made verifiable claims that the U.S. is running secret biological weapons labs around their borders.

And while western media now claims this to be misinformation, back in 2013 they reported on it.

While the United States and ‘murder incorporated’ have been waging illegal wars all across the world in the name of democracy, Russia has been quietly selling energy and minding their own business.

And according to National Geographic, this was the reason why the Pentagon was building these bioweapons labs in the first place — because Russia was entirely quiet on the subject and the U.S. wanted to get ahead of them.

The initial biolab in Kazakhstan was built by the U.S., for a hundred million dollars, to store high-risk diseases such as plague and anthrax, and was hoping to attract scientists who might otherwise create biological weapons of mass destruction for someone else.

In order to keep the world safe, the U.S. has since built several labs in Kazakhstan. Most recently a biosafety level 4 lab to be completed in early 2022.

As early as 2004, the Pentagon’s defense threat reduction agency DTRA began creating a network of biolabs for infectious diseases in Uzbekistan. And within a few years after operations began, outbreaks of unknown diseases were reported in the same areas as the labs.

In Georgia leaked documents show that the U.S. embassy has been transporting deadly pathogens in human blood as diplomatic cargo in a scheme where private U.S. contractors, working for three different U.S. biolabs, have been given diplomatic immunity to do so.

Shortly after Russia invaded Ukraine, @WarClandestine released a video with maps of U.S. biolabs matching up with maps of the recent attack, suggesting that Russia was securing these top secret biolabs.

Western media claims this is false but fails to debunk it. And once the video goes viral the U.S. embassy in Ukraine is caught deleting evidence of these labs from their website — but not before an independent journalist was able to copy documents showing 11 Ukrainian biolabs funded by the Pentagon.

The Russian embassy to Bosnia has accused the U.S. of filling Ukraine with biolabs, which were very possibly used to study methods for destroying the Russian people at the genetic level.

And we now know that the so-called mRNA vaccines are destroying people at the genetic level. We now officially know that COVID-19 is a manmade bioweapon.

We know that it was funded by elements of the NIH and Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance. We know that it was made in Wuhan China.

And so, what isn’t threatening about the U.S. encircling Russia with top-secret biolabs?

And who on earth thinks it’s a coincidence that everyone involved in the United Nation’s Great Reset are now the Ukraine’s greatest allies of all time?

The mercenaries and war profiteers in America are getting excited about making short term profits off the dead. But the only ones who will benefit from this war are the crooks at the top who have been caught committing the most heinous crime against humanity in all of recorded history.

And the only righteous way out of this is to hold these crooks accountable.


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