People’s Convoy Protesting Against Vaccine Mandates Circles Washington D.C. and Promises to Cause Travel Chaos Until Demands Are Met

People’s Convoy Protesting Against Vaccine Mandates Circles Washington D.C. and Promises to Cause Travel Chaos Until Demands Are Met

by Will Jones, The Daily Skeptic
March 6, 2022


The 30-mile-long People’s Convoy is circling the Washington D.C. Beltway in protest at “unconstitutional” coronavirus restrictions, such as mask and vaccine mandates. MailOnline has more.

The self-styled freedom convoy departed from the speedway in Hagerstown, Maryland Sunday morning on a journey to parade the 64-mile highway surrounding the capital city.

“Hold the line,” organiser Brian Brase told the crowd of drivers before they headed out, instructing them to stay with the protest.

“I beg of you to stay with the convoy. I beg of you to stay with the convoy and then come back down here, meet again and talk about our next plan.’

Brase, who was met with applause, added: “We are not going to sit idly by. We are going to continue to press forward with our mission, but we are also going to do so with some diplomacy to show that we are not unreasonable and willing to talk, but also flex our muscle if you do not hear us.”

The group plans to circle the Beltway twice – a route that should take about four to five hours. Drivers were reminded to maintain safe distances, speeds of approximately 40 to 50 miles per hour and to be mindful of possible rainy weather conditions.

The convoy is reportedly cooperating with state and local law enforcement and does not plan to cause havoc in the area. Authorities had previously voiced concerns that the trucker protest could result in chaos similar to the January 6th Capitol riot.

Brase told the Washington Post Friday night that the group would continue its route around the Beltway each day this week, clogging one of the main arteries into DC until the group’s demands are met. However, as of Saturday morning, he indicated that plans will be determined day-by-day.

Another organiser did not rule out the trucks honking their horns along Pennsylvania Avenue.

“I can tell you now that there will be select trucks going to the White House,” organiser Dan Fitzgerald revealed on his Friday morning livestream. “I don’t want people thinking we are invading D.C. This is not the convoy going into D.C. commons. This is a few select drivers.”

“Today, we decided that we are going to go on to the Beltway,” Brase said to the crowd of cheering supporters Sunday morning in Hagerstown.

“We are going to do this peacefully, we’re going to do this with some class. We’re going to do this the way that we’ve done it coming all the way across the country. We’re not going to shut anything down today. We’re just going to do a convoy so that they can see that we’re in their backyard and that we are huge.”

The People’s Convoy – a spinoff from a protest in Canada started by truckers upset at vaccine requirements to cross the Canadian border – travelled from southern California nearly 2,500 miles to D.C. on an 11-day journey. The group stopped in major U.S. cities and rural towns along they way, holding rallies and meeting with their supporters. …

The People’s Convoy – which has raised more than $1.6 million in donations made through its own website – is demanding that President Joe Biden end the national emergency originally declared at the start of the pandemic, as well as scrap any remaining coronavirus mandates.

The truckers allege the Government has infringed upon their constitutional rights with the mandates.

While many states are currently lifting Covid requirements, there are still 19 with vaccine mandates of various kinds in effect, and the Federal Government is refusing to end the national state of emergency. A recent effort by the Senate to end the pandemic state of emergency was thwarted by the Democrat-controlled House and the President. So more pressure it appears is required.

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