Police Use Water Cannons Against Anti-Lockdown Protesters in Berlin

Police Use Water Cannons Against Anti-Lockdown Protesters in Berlin
German government trying to codify social distancing, mandatory mask wearing.

by Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News
November 18, 2020


Police in Berlin used water cannons on anti-lockdown protesters who were demonstrating near the Brandenburg Gate against new COVID-19 laws they claim are unconstitutional.

The new law would codify current social distancing requirements, mandate mask wearing and increase the punishment for those flouting the rules.

The measures are expected to pass both lower and then upper houses of parliament, but that didn’t stop thousands of protesters defying a government ban to descend on the Bundestag in opposition to the law.

Police turned water cannons on demonstrators as the crowd booed while LRAD sound cannons were also utilized.

However, as the videos show, the size of the gathering was far too large for the water cannons to have much effect.

German chancellor Angela Merkel is attempting to make the country’s current “soft lockdown” more draconian, but she does not have the backing of enough state leaders and has delayed the move.

Merkel wants people to self-isolate at home for 7 days even of they only display symptoms of an ordinary cold while limiting social interactions to a maximum of two households.

The chancellor is pursuing the new measures despite Germany’s Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development Gerd Muller warning that the lockdown will end up killing more people than coronavirus itself.


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Truth Comes to Light editor’s note:  See related — a short video clip from the protest. There are many videos available on YouTube with hours of footage — a simple search with today’s date and “Germany protest” will lead you to them. Clearly, this was a massive protest.

This video clip was uploaded by YouTube creator Karli Märzluft under the title “We need to get up”