Polymer Rain, 90 Second Alert

Polymer Rain, 90 Second Alert

by Dane Wigington, GeoEngineering Watch
March 13, 2024


“Cloudy With A Chance Of Plastics: Microplastics Are Everywhere”.

“New Research Proves The Plastic We Breathe In, Stays In”.



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Every single drop of rain is now contaminated from the North Pole to the South Pole to the top of Mount Everest and everywhere in between.

Not opinion, theory, conjecture or hypothesis. Extensive testing proven fact.

First headline from CleanTechnica.com: “Cloudy with a Chance of Plastics: Microplastics are Everywhere“. The average person inhales a credit card amount of microplastics every week. That’s according to new research, which also states, quote, “the plastic we breathe in, stays in”.

Nanoparticles are extremely bioavailable and bio-accumulative, easily absorbed and extremely difficult to expel.

For the record, polymer nanofibers are a primary element listed in climate engineering patents. Here’s one example:

US patent number 631521B1/EN.

Method of modifying weather

A method for artificially modifying the weather by seeding rain clouds of a storm with suitable cross-linked aqueous polymer. The polymer is dispersed into the cloud and the wind of the storm agitates the mixture causing the polymer to absorb the rain. This reaction forms a gelatinous substance which precipitate to the surface below. Thus, diminishing the clouds ability to rain.

And who cares how bad it contaminates the environment.

Climate engineering elements like aluminum nanoparticles are desiccants, thus diminishing and dispersing precipitation as well, which can then be steered to other regions where it comes down in a deluge.


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