Psychiatrists Editing Childhood Out of Existence

Psychiatrists Editing Childhood Out of Existence

by Citizens Commission on Human Rights UK
February 7, 2023


It’s ironic that in Children’s Mental Health Week, psychiatrists focus on mental illness, not mental health.  In fact, they rarely focus on mental health. There’s no profit in mental wellness.

Psychiatrists are in the habit of labelling children with various so-called psychiatric conditions such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Conduct Disorder. It is a habit that has been met with derision due mainly to the unscientific basis of so-called ‘disorders.’

Rather than Children’s Mental Health Week, It would be more accurate to call it children’s mental illness week. Through the redefinition of the difficulties associated with the early years, psychiatrists have been busily editing childhood out of existence. Childhood behaviour has gone under the microscope where certain aspects of the behaviour have been categorised as diagnostic criteria for a ‘disorder.’

The habit has resulted in the use of meaningless and stigmatising psychiatric labels that can create even more difficulties for young people. Nothing appears to be off limits in the psychiatric narrative. Reading, writing and maths are included in a well-known diagnostic manual. Listed under specific learning disorders, diagnostic criteria exists for ‘impairment in reading,’ ‘impairment in written expression’ and ‘impairment in mathematics.’

The unscientific practice leads to the use of mind-altering prescribed drugs. Children and adolescents are chemically restrained, some for lengthy periods of time, and experience the debilitating effects that go hand-in-hand with the prescribed drugs. The saddest and most tragic aspect of this prescribing habit is that some children take their own lives after being on antidepressants which are known to cause suicidal thoughts and suicidal behaviour.

If psychiatric solutions worked, the mental health fraternity wouldn’t keep repeating the mantra that more and more children are suffering with mental illness. Children and adolescents only fell into the category of having a mental ‘disorder’ after psychiatrists edited the definition of childhood and the behaviour that went with it.

Parents who have lost their children have said they would never have let their children take the psychiatric drugs if they had been fully informed and had known the truth. It’s therefore vital that efforts are increased to expose the damaging psychiatric practices so that parents can take control rather than accepting the psychiatric narrative without inspection.

In Children’s Mental Health Week, it’s vital to repeat the message that children are not experimental animals. They are human beings who have every youthful right to expect protection, care, love and the chance to reach their full potential in life.


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