Robert Cinque on the Covid Psyop & 5G as Tools for Furthering the Police State

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Robert Cinque on the Covid Psyop & 5G as Tools for Furthering the Police State

A letter from Robert Cinque to Kathleen, editor at Truth Comes to Light — shared with his permission.

Subject: cv19 is a well thought out plan but Trump could expose it

by Robert Cinque
May 8, 2020


If Trump reopens the economy, I think the satanists will turn up the 5G and fry more people, blame the virus, blame Trump. If he knew about the connection between 5G and illness I wonder if he would announce this? I don’t think so, he is way into 5G. He is also way into Lubavitchian armaggedon eschatology, Greater Israel Rothschild, vaccinations, fiat currency, unfortunately.

But if he found out about 5G and told the truth, and revealed the deadly psyop this thing really is, he would trump all those weapons against him and us and become a hero and sweep the election.

From Ray Songtree:

“5G will further the police state by producing evidence of “Covid”, which would be 5G produced symptoms and 5G produced “positive test” results. This is why the two are scheduled together, right now. It is not coincidence.

The 5G is helping create what appears to be a pandemic, and the distraction of the pandemic is allowing 5G to be rolled out without resistance.”

I don’t see how 5G can be defeated without really widespread understanding among the people, or even then. Google has slashed and burned all the sites pointing out the 5G connection to disease and trashed them as dangerous conspiracy theories that violate community standards. It also trashes chlorine dioxide as bleach. This means we are on the right track. Chlorine dioxide is to big pharma what a free energy machine is to oil industry, and they know it.

A little history: When I read Jon’s [editor: Jon Rappoport —] book AIDS, Inc I hit the floor, then the ceiling. I studied oxygen therapy, refinanced my house, bought a medical grade ozone machine and started treating people with AIDS, etc.

I apprenticed myself to an MD in Seattle for six months who was using ozone. I didn’t want to make any mistakes and he was glad to teach me what he knew so I got excellent training.

Autohemotherapy was the current favorite method in which blood is drawn from one arm, ozone is bubbled through it and then returned to the other arm extremely excellent results. Then we just started injecting it directly into our veins.

I injected myself with ozone in public, at State Fairs, was trying to pick a fight with the AMA. I ended up in jail for Practicing Medicine without a license and did not get my day in court, which is what I wanted, a nationally televised trial that would showcase the evidence about O2. My attorney was [editor: name of well-known libertarian attorney removed to protect privacy]. She was a huge disappointment and I went to jail on a year sentence, got out in 4 months.

Germany led the way in ozone therapy in the 40’s, the Allies bombed every single one of their facilities, left AG Farban/Bayer/ Monsanto untouched. Oxygen therapy obsoletizes antibiotics and has been suppressed in that same way that clean technologies have been.

A man named Daniel Smith in Spokane had a big health food and supplement business called Green Project in which he sold MMS. The FBI shut him down, put him in jail for 3 years. He was not allowed to defend himself at trial, nor bring witnesses or evidence, much like Mr Assange. The FDA recently sent a letter of cease and desist to the genesis church for advocating MMS. Not a single death has ever come from MMS, only hard-to-believe-but –true recoveries.

Chlorine dioxide is MUCH better than ozone, no injections and not as hot as ozone and stays in the body as a gas for 2 to 3 hours before dissipating, gets to even the deepest tissues which is why it is effective in brain cancer.

Read Jim Humble’s book The Solution for free from Sacha Stone and his new earth project. [editor: download Jim Humble’s book here.]

In any event, radiation mitigating devices are what is needed, not ridiculous masks worn because of an engineered belief.


  • Faith
    May 9, 2020, 1:31 am

    I had to comment because not many people understand that Trump is deep into the cult that rules the world. I started following this site when it was a blog style and Kathleen wrote something called, Trump, the Cult and the Rest of Us. I know he can wake up just like everybody else but people who think he is some sort of savior aren’t paying attention. Thank you for your courage!!!

    • robert cinque
      May 9, 2020, 1:44 am

      Thank you faith. Our beliefs must always be tested and aligned with what is true and life giving. Our President is a cultic member of the worst sect on earth. Kushner is Netanyahus Trump control agent. Doesn’t look good.