Sharing Our Global Experience: A Message About Connecting with True Self from Jeff in Wisconsin, USA

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Sharing Our Global Experience  features essays by readers who generously share their experiences and viewpoints about unfolding events.

Sharing Our Global Experience: A Message About Connecting with True Self from Jeff in Wisconsin, USA

Jeff shares thoughts about his own path in awakening, ways to face these challenging times and methods he has used for silencing the mind and listening to true self.

Choosing Your Path

by Jeff Baker
April 17, 2020


I believe we are at a point of spiritual separation. We have the choice of a dark and fearful path or that of a fearless and peaceful path. This period we are living in has been written about for a few thousand years. I have read about this in books written in the late 1800’s until now and bits and pieces from the Christian bible. Information comes to me from within – my heart – connection to my real self-spirit.

We all have the ability to read these books/articles or to go within and instantly receive information. You will know if the info you are reading/receiving is correct from your innate sense you are born with. You have to let go of All Fear first. If that means moving to a new location — separating yourself from fearful people spouses, children,friends, neighbors or anything – you need to do it.

There is no right or wrong of which path you choose, it is where you are at on the path. It is the experience of that path is what you need during this journey. You are what has been-is now and will be. There is no time except in this illusion you are experiencing now. Prepare your mind – There is going to be a Lot of Change happening in the days ahead. People-Plants-Animals leaving and others coming into your experience. The 3-d experience is either going to stay with you or you will go on to 4-d and beyond. It won’t be for the faint of heart – but all will be well.

Meditation is the best way to get through this. This is what I use –

Meditation, when properly understood, is the stilling of the physical body, generally in a position where the spine is straight and erect, sitting up, not lying down. Your place of meditation should be fairly comfortable as to temperature and somewhere you are likely not to be disturbed by others. An ambiance or atmosphere of the spirit should be cultivated around it if possible.

When you sit to meditate, you must come to feel that you are about to have a conversation with your God, your Higher Self, and nothing less. You should approach meditation as you approach the altar of invocation–with humility, awe, respect, great love and gratitude.

With the proper attitude, approach, and place, we suggest the following meditation procedure:

1. Sit in a comfortable posture with your spine straight and erect. You may sit in the traditional yogi’s meditation position or straight up in a comfortable chair.

2. Invoke the Violet Flame of Protection or read the Invocation of Protection.

3. Begin to breathe deeply and honor the breath that is yours to draw in and to exhale. And with each breath, one should realize that one is drawing in pure life and light.

4. As you breath deeply, initially focus your attention in the head area, the top of the head in particular. Become aware of your own aura.

5. Then, become aware of your spine, the central beam of the temple of the body, the spinal column, that lovely dimensional doorway into inner space. Focus on the spine as you get used to the rhythm of the breath, as it goes in, as it goes out, and eventually release your attention on the breathing as it continues at the proper pace by itself.

6. Focus all attention on the spinal column itself, holding the attention there. Seek to visualize it as a tube of pure white light.

7. You begin to have the desire to go into it, for it is indeed a doorway. It is a dimensional opening in the physical body. You seek to go in it. You must have the desire to go in it, the will to go in, and in, and in. You must will yourself to go in, not unlike one paddling a canoe upstream against the current and not unlike the salmon who doggedly keep swimming upstream against the current that keeps beating them back. But they don’t stop. Use your will to go in, in, in.

8. In each session of meditation, at some point one will hit an inner foothold, a landmark, so to speak. You’ll know what it is by the sheer experience of it. If you think you cannot go any deeper, you should keep trying nonetheless until you cannot go any more. At this point, stop and simply enjoy the inner surroundings.

9. Seek to become aware of the inner atmosphere as the breath continues to inhale and exhale at its own steady pace.

10. Seek to know yourself as you are, beyond thoughts, feelings, sensations and certainly physical bodies. Every session will be a new adventure.

11. Seek to know that part of you that has never changed and shall never change, the part of you that is eternal. Seek to feel your own endlessness.

This may seem like a very cursory and basic approach to meditation but we assure you that if properly followed, it will lead you to inner breakthroughs of the type that most people so much want to experience but are so unaware of how to.

[As a way to allow us to connect with one another and to know we are not alone, I invite all readers to share their personal experience here — especially current updates about specific life experiences related to global events or awakening. The unfolding attempt to fully dominate humanity is stressing us all, whether we anticipated it or not. Yet, this is also a time of miracles, of people finding their strength and voice, and of amazing kindness. Others would benefit from hearing your story. Please use the email address on the contact page to share your own experience. Of course, you may choose to remain anonymous or use a pen name. The comment area below the article is also available  (there’s a limit to message length in comment area) to share your thoughts, questions and personal experiences.  — Kathleen]
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