That Phone Call Between Mr. Modi and “Brandonenko”

That Phone Call Between Mr. Modi and Brandonenko

by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star
March 10, 2022


The tragedy is that  people are dying in this geopolitical circus.

But consider, if people were not dying, what we’re watching would be a bad Hollyweird “B” comedy, an Abbot and Costello farce like “Who’s on First?” only without Abbot and Costello’s sense of timing and delivery.

The latest farce in this otherwise deadly serious geopolitical kabuki theater being waged by Mr. Globaloney and his lackeys in Swampington DC-Mordor-on-the-Potomac is that now they’re considering imposing sanctions on India! 

“Why?” you might reasonably ask. Well, it’s because Mr. Modi and the rest of India have cozied up to Russia and are buying a great deal of the military equipment from Russia:

Biden weighing sanctions on India over Russian military stockpiles

Well whoop-dee-woo… “I’m really angry now!  How dare you Mr. Modi!”…. NOT.

I’m old enough to remember Mrs. Ghandi (no… to those who have recently graduated from an American quackademy, that is not Mrs. Mahatma Ghandi; it’s Indira  Gha… oh nevermind…) and her purchases of military equipment from Russia.

Now, here’s the thing: at the height of the Cold War, when tensions regularly ran high between Moscow and Swampington DC-Mordor-on-the-Potomac, and when Mrs. Not-Mahatma-but-Indira Ghandi was buying all sorts of stuff from Brezhnev, the last thing on Swampington DC’s mind was sanctioning India. Why drive a potential friend even further into the opposition’s embrace?

Well, read the first two paragraphs of this article:

The Biden administration is weighing whether to impose sanctions against India over its stockpile of and reliance on Russian military equipment as part of the wide-ranging consequences the West is seeking to impose on Moscow over its invasion of Ukraine (sic et passim).

Donald Lu, the assistant secretary of State for South Asian affairs, on Thursday told lawmakers in a hearing that the administration is weighing how threatening India’s historically close military relationship with Russia is to U.S. security.

And that in spite of this:

In 2016, India was named a “Major Defense Partner” with the U.S., a unique designation that serves to elevate defense trade and technology. Defense contracts between the U.S. and India are said to have amounted to $20 billion since 2008.

India is also a member of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue with the U.S., Japan and Australia, a grouping that focuses on countering China’s ambitions in the Indo-Pacific.

President Biden held a video call with Quad leaders on Thursday, according to the White House, “to discuss the war against Ukraine and its implications for the Indo-Pacific.”

One wonders how that phone call went… maybe something like this:

“Ahh….h-h-hello?  Is this N-na-na-rendrmphsz…. ahm… is this Mr. Modi?  …. yea… Joe Biden here… you can call me Joe if you want…ahh… yea we want to c-…ahh…co-op… ahm…. work with you guys in containing … you know… the thing up there…ahh… what’s it called…”

“China, Mr. President?” he replies, drumming his fingers on his desk and rolling his eyes.

“…yea, yea! That!   Yea we really wanna co-opermgfghs…. co-operznvcxc…. work together.  Oh by the way, we’re considering sanctioning you because you buy too much from, and actually like, those guys up there in…  you know… what’s hismphzt-”

“Putin, Mr. President,” another roll of the eyes.

Now, whether this phone call went anywhere close to how I depicted it (and I strongly suspect it did) I contend, however much India (or any other nation in that region) may mouth condemnations of Russia and however much they may mouth their support of Swampington-Mordor-on-the-Potomac, that under their breath and behind Swampington’s back they are all burning the phone lines with conversations about “just what the hell is going on over there?!?!?” and “have the Americans completely lost their minds?” And part of those conversations, like it or not, are going to be about preserving their sovereignty, and how to contain China, without America in the picture, because an irrational actor and a decaying empire ultimately cannot be counted upon…

… and they – and Russia – know that America is “not agreement capable.” Indeed, we want the largest democracy on Earth – India – to act like it is another satrapy of that empire, while sanctioning it!

That’s not a mixed message folks.  It’s just childish insanity…

See you on the flip side….


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cover image based on public domain work of Gage Skidmore & Government of India