The British Hand Behind the Global Deep State

The British Hand Behind the Global Deep State

by Matthew Ehret
February 14, 2022


In this edition of the Coronavirus Investigative Committee Grand Jury Proceeding by the Peoples´ Court of Public Opinion, I was invited to showcase Britain’s modern invisible empire under the cover of a global bureaucracy of Crown Agents, Mining Interests, Offshore bank havens, drug money laundering operations, terrorism financing, intelligence operations and more.

After painting a sketch of our modern British-run age, I lept back in time to the early days of Canada with the 1867 British North America Act that formulated a synthetic nation premised upon “preserving the interests of the British Empire” in the face of a world of sovereign republics then blossoming onto the scene.

We trace the growth of the British Round Table Movements fueled by the ill-begotten gains of Cecil Rhodes in misshaping the entire 20th century with the aim of reconquering the rebellious colony under an Anglo-American world government pausing to explore the deep state takeover of the USA after FDR’s untimely death, the Rhodes’ Scholar-driven Cold War, and the major coup of 1971 that saw the US dollar detached from the fixed exchange rate system, the creation of the Rothschild InterAlpha Group and the World Economic Forum.

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Finally, I would highly encourage everyone to watch the presentations by UK Column’s Alex Thompson and Brian Garish before and after my presentation which can be done by clicking on the following link

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Truth Comes to Light editor’s note: The video below covers the first half of Day 2 of Grand Jury investigation, featuring Alex Thompson, Matthew Ehret and Brian Garish. The testimonies of these three men tie together essential information on the “hidden hand” behind the attempted global dominance of all mankind.