The Deeper Reality Revealed by the Invasion of BlackRock HQ in Paris: “All Across the World, People Are Grasping That Their Local Political Chiefs Are Pawns of the WEF.”

The Deeper Reality Revealed by the Invasion of BlackRock HQ in Paris: “All Across the World, People Are Grasping That Their Local Political Chiefs Are Pawns of the WEF.”
Targeting the enemy

by The Acorn
April 11, 2023


The invasion of BlackRock HQ in Paris on April 6 by a crowd of angry protesters and strikers revealed to the world that something very important is happening in France.

From a long distance, it may look like just another trade-union-led fightback against an increase in the retirement age.

From a closer distance, it might be evident that more general grievances against the Macron regime have temporarily amplified that union-led struggle.

But, in reality, it goes a lot deeper than that.

The revolt is a continuation, in fact, of the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests) uprising, which began in November 2018 and only came to an end with the Covid clamp-down.

Many Gilets Jaunes, unlike the top-down sold-out left, were involved in the massive wave of protest against vaccine passports that swept across the country in 2021.

Although the GJ uprising could itself be seen as continuation of previous struggles, such as those against the Loi Travail or in support of the ZAD at Notre-Dame des Landes, it represented a significant shift, which alarmed the authorities.

The movement was essentially uncontrollable, accepting no leadership or centralised structure, and also broke through the usual left-right divide, being a generalised revolt against the system.

The response of the Macron regime to the revolt only deepened the split between government and people.

The contempt, smears and brutal police violence unleashed against the GJs by the ruling clique, together with a refusal to take their demands seriously, shocked a large part of the French public.

This didn’t look like the kind of modern “Western” government that we are all used to, which likes to pretend to represent the people and to respond to their concerns.

Instead, Macron came across as a nasty tin-pot dictator, throwing his weight around with arrogant impunity.

Exactly the same thing has been happening in 2023. The government ignored weeks of massive and peaceful protesting, forced the law through parliament without a vote and then started banning demonstrations and mutilating protesters with military-style repression.

This looks less like a “liberal democracy” than a colonial government of occupation, determined to “put down the natives” at any cost.

And this, of course, is exactly what it is!

France is not run by representatives of the French people, but by representatives of the global money power, the criminal gang which owns pretty much everything, everywhere.

This power has decided to ditch the pretence at democracy so as to accelerate its control, under the pretext of various “emergencies”, whether Covid or climate.

Having bought up the mainstream media, it was confident that the overall picture could never be seen by the ordinary men and women it so despises.

But it is being seen.

All across the world, people are grasping that their local political chiefs are pawns of the WEF.

They know, as well, that the WEF is just one part of a global institutional network including the likes of the UN, the WHO, and Commonwealth.

They are fast finding out that these bodies are entwined with financial organisations such as the IMF, the World Bank and the Bank for International Settlements.

These entities, like pretty much every single multi-national corporation, are controlled by the financial nexus built around BlackRock and Vanguard.

This is the entity that rules France, as it rules almost every other country.

It has managed to grab this chilling and unprecedented degree of global power by stealth, by hiding its existence behind front after front after front.

But now, in its impatience, it has made itself visible to the extent that striking rail workers in Paris know exactly where to find it.

The game has changed. The emperor is known to be naked and the people are turning on him in disgust and in anger.


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