“The End of Covid” Video Series: Exposing the Covid Hoax, the False “Science” of Virology & the Real History of Vaccines

“The End of Covid” Video Series: Exposing the Covid Hoax, the False “Science” of Virology & the Real History of Vaccines

An Online Education to End Every Pandemic — Coming June 20th


Produced by The Way Forward, Alfa Vedic & The Sovereign’s Way

Directed by Kelly Brogan, Amandha Vollmer, Alec Zeck, Mike Winner, Dawn Lester

Starring David Icke, Tom Cowan, Mark & Samantha Bailey, Dawn Lester, Sally Fallon Morell, Andrew Kaufman, Kevin Corbett, Christiane Northrup, Lee Merritt, Barre Lando, Mike Wallach, Christine Massey, Alec Zeck, Mike Donio, Roman Bystrianyk, Leslie Manookian, Mike Stone, Stefano Scoglio, Ana Maria Mihalcea, Steve Falconer, David Nixon, Etienne de la Boetie2, Marvin Haberland, John Jay Singleton and many more. [Click here and scroll down to see full line up.]

The End of COVID is the end of pandemics. It’s the end of scientific dogma, social distancing, vested interests, public health authorities, and billion-dollar pharmaceutical companies.

On June 20th, the entire production is coming to a close – once and for all.


The End of COVID is a collaborative effort – a collection of perspectives and expertise from a wide variety of sources. This includes doctors who have a long list of credentials, and holistic health practitioners with no abbreviations next to their names. It includes self-published authors, and New York Times best-sellers – prominent media personalities, and relatively unknown independent journalists.

The common thread is that this project was put together by men and women seeking the truth.

It wasn’t funded by pharmaceutical interests, informed by scientific dogma, or backed by the corporate press. It was made with intention – by mankind, for mankind.

So that we never have to see this show again.

We never have to mask up or be spaced apart. We never have to fear germs or fall for medical propaganda. Because, now, we know better.

We know the real history of virology and vaccines. We know the institutions and influences behind “the science.” And we know how we can step into our power and stand up to the nonsense.

This means the show is over. The trick has been revealed. Never again can we be fooled, persuaded, or coerced.

Instead, we can all turn off the broadcast. And move on – toward a life of health, happiness, and sovereignty.

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