The Enlightened and the Entangled

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by Zen Gardner
April 8, 2017


It’s either/or, and it takes some serious commitment and doing, as well as not doing, to truly get free. Most of us have no idea of what real freedom is, as we tend to listen to our minds predominantly rather than our hearts when it comes to understanding. Besides being a very limited means of perception, our minds are severely corrupted since birth by the engineered world we’re born into. 

Molded by programmed parents and teachers and a societal milieu invented by psychopathic forces and their agents for the sole purpose of control, it’s a fight from day one to fight off these influences and dig our way back to our true selves. 

Upon arrival on this planet and its limited and constricting dimensions, our first response is survival, how to get along and maybe even excel in the maze we walked into. We invent personalities and very complex support mechanisms to prop up our inventions to keep up with the myriad of other invented stories we continually encounter. They call that adjusting. Incredible.

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” – Jiddhu Krishnamurti   

It’s All About the Will and Courage to Search and Find

Something within each of us longs for something much greater. We sense it’s there but can’t put our finger on it. The illusory construct we’re born into is fully entangled in its own story, reinforcing itself like a cancer against the realization of deeper truths. The true humans amongst us all experience this innate contradiction, yet we’re told this is just the way it is. 

This is where the heart drive comes in. Enlightenment has been made out to be some ethereal, far away unattainable state reserved only for the duly revered and hence separated from our personal potential. A complete fabrication. 

This experience here is like a very low level, barely intelligence-challenging juvenile video game. The answers are obvious. As Occam’s razor states so beautifully and succinctly, the simplest answer is usually the right one. That’s why children are so profound in their understanding, and many of the great teachers have said we need to become like little children again. When we reject the love of the truth we’re given over to delusion, and a very convoluted set of life sapping variables. 

We then learn to accept or reject whatever we choose to according to what fits our perverted sense of self-serving understanding. After all, the world around us does it, why shouldn’t I?

Meanwhile your inner soul and connection to true innate understanding weeps. 

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” ~ Carl Jung

Just Look at the Challenge

Not only are we programmed from birth and thrown into a swamp of twisted lies, the bombardment continues with soul and mind twisting education and societal “norms” backed by insane degrees of media propaganda – which again seems to be happily assimilated into this twisted, dumbed down normalcy bias. 

What could be more challenging?

Is there a purpose to it, for each of us individually? Having been twisted to incredible torques of trauma in my personal life I can only assume so. Something survives that can still see the beauty around us and all that is implied behind it. The more I find out how swindled we’ve been, from the obvious to controlled opposition and plants to divert whole well intentioned movements, the more that resonates with my heart in complete contradiction to what I’ve been presented with. Hence the more I know the more I don’t know. A healthy attitude I’ve come to learn. 

But at the same time the more arises a warrior spirit within me. Spirit rising. Herein lies the spark of life.

I’m all too aware of coping mechanisms and the like, so don’t even bother going there if you’re that jaded. Somehow truth surfaces. It may be paltry in the world we’re witnessing in this dark age we’re living in, with all its glitz and tech and glamour. Humanity has been shrouded in immense darkness, cut off from what was once obvious to our child like spirits.

The Moral?

It’s up to you. How committed are you to truth, really? I know my settings. Do you know yours? Are you truly connected to them? Does fear of death still affect you? A good barometer.

We are up against many common obstacles. Illusory and mentally induced ones in most cases, but nonetheless appearing real. Like the famous expression, FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. Pretty profound. But do we implement these realizations, or file them away as comforting cover ups.

The battle we’re in is very real. It’s first of all personal. We can’t change the external without having that real metanoia, about face, in our own lives first. That’s not a popular subject in a world that wants its ears tickled with the latest media punch or on the alternative side conspiracy theory world wanting more and more “information”, whatever truths they contain. It’s still stroking the same egoic body that sucks up to this matrix of deceit. 

It may take you a while to make that connection to the concept of and resultant disconnection with false self, but it’s essential. At least learn to be conscious of such a schism and then observe it. It’s truly liberating. 

All the best. I’ll keep wondering. Can’t help it. Hope you do too.

Love, Zen