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by Zen Gardner
April 7, 2017

Oh the insanity of lost at sea humanity. What makes people do what they do? Just look how humanity has resigned itself to circumstances and conditions they’re not even aware are absolutely degrading their true selves and potential lives while destroying the very planet they live on. 

Look at religion, probably the most blatant example. A willing and often enthusiastic compliance to a life of servitude in order to gain the help and protection of some invisible force based on promises and laws written in some new or ancient rule book. And what’s the fruit of religion? Do you see a world of peace and harmony and plenty for all? I just see slaves, content in their servitude as they default to whatever powers there might be.

The misdirection of even sincere hearts is mind-boggling. Religion and belief systems, including group think diversions and containment systems like patriotism and other social, economic and political group loyalties, are simply harvesting machines.

How do they do it? They tap into the longing to find our true infinite selves within and the desire to be part of something bigger than ourselves and an inborn sense of altruism. The more driven and passionate display this quality, including a selfless dedication often with no apparent expectation of repayment. You see this especially in religious zealots who are held in very high esteem by less committed adherents. The degree of dedication often justifies the faith. A major red flag right there since most people are spineless cowards. Hence war worship as well.


Blinded Emotions, Blind Adherence

Once swept up into especially the more developed mind control systems known as religions, sects and cults, everything is justified and accounted for. This is a very tricky subject because what the adherent feels and believes in their heart may be something quite beautiful. But that’s where the steering, containment and harvesting system kick in and come into full bloom without the adherent being aware of it one iota.

Another aspect that makes it very hard for the religiously mind controlled to grasp its enslavement is the many actual truths woven into their teachings. Who can argue against love, for example? But watch out for what’s tagging along, cleverly baked in the same sugar coated cake. It’s all toxic in this socially engineered world, every bit of it.

The very worst aspect of religious mind control is the abject giving up of oneself to an external authority. It’s bad enough people do it with government and the many tiered hierarchical structures of our containment society, but religion, be it conventional or all forms of new age controlled opposition, takes this into the spiritual realm where levels of mental and spiritual abuse know no bounds. I know. I’ve been there. And it becomes self induced and reinforced to a degree unfathomable by someone who hasn’t experienced it.

It’s way more sophisticated than even the military, which is a brutal breakdown of the individual and externally enforced mental and physical abuse system, yet just as diabolical. And again it’s to create mindless servants. Absolute tools of some higher power or forlorn authority figure to which they readily abandon themselves.

I can just see an Orwellian campaign with advertising copy along these lines:



Con Job Utopia – Life on Mind Controlled Planet Earth

That may sum up my point just fine, but in case not, let me expound a bit.

Social engineering is a mild way of saying mind control. Every maneuver to shuttle ethnic groups around, engineer wars and fear via their strategy of tension, everything you see on the completely controlled news, mainstream and controlled opposition of so-called independent and “alternative” news with their even more clever containment system, is mind control.

The obvious tools of the educational and religious systems pale in comparison to these more sophisticated and swallowed-by-everyone as fact techniques.

Mind control  is not confined to MKUltra, individualized satanic ritual abuse, and exotic electro/plasmic influences. It is everywhere. That’s why very deep personal awareness is essential, to realize how we’re being misled and played every step of the way.

It’s not paranoia; it’s vigilant awareness and survival.


Gimmicks and Giveaways

The so-called new and alternative information worlds are rife with mind control. The most important thing anyone can do is step back and see the very big picture.

Where is anything going? Will it make a big enough difference to stop the mass ominicide of humanity and total control of who or what is left? We’ve connected dots enough and understand these principles for ages, yet the repeat of describing what they’re pulling off continues, like a nagging mate unable to make any difference in the behavior of their partner. Wash, rinse, repeat. 

Some awareness springs up, but if it isn’t causing the real metanoia that humanity needs, the total shake up of mind, body and spirit with a resultant fundamental about face change; it’s essentially playing into being another satellite support system of the matrix cleverly classified and filed away in some soma induced bubble hanging off the ship of mass deception.

This bullshit agenda works every facet of this manipulated world. We must operate from that fundamental realization if we’re to survive and make an impact. At the least in standing up for ourselves.


New Age Soma and Pseudo Shamanism

The engineered new age movement is obvious as to its misleading nature at first blush to the semi awakened. What most people don’t realize is to what degree and the how the agenda works to shunt massive amounts of people into a fully futile “separate reality” as Casteneda called it which took the 60’s generation by storm and diverted an entire generation from any real impact on the world they’d hoped to change.

Fake shamanism and the proposed archaic revival McKenna touted, a figure known also to be on the black ops payroll, are integral to their program. Send us back to the stone age and marginalize us completely. Sure, getting back to nature is a good thing, but you have to see the big picture and why these aspects were pushed. Diabolically clever and completely neutralizing, no different from the soma of conventional religion if you’re honest.

To what extend McKenna and Alan Watts and Marshall McCluhan et all where directly controlled and how much truth can be derived from their teachings remains unclear to me. All I know is everything is tainted as it was a big wake up call for me as well. It can only be discerned by the overall effect. The disconnect with having a true, reality based interaction with the world around us resulting in the world we now inhabit is evidence enough.

If you’re willing to face up to it.

Psychopaths freely rule. Being “aware” of them and able to describe them does nothing. No action is taken and no action is possible within their structure. They’ve enclosed their pincers on humanity while everyone was dreaming and now we’re facing the brass tacks consequences, with still no manner of recourse. 


Coup de Graçe

Hard facts. It’s time we truly woke up out of our stupor. Consider this negative or cynical information, a “normal” programed reaction, that’s your problem. Truth isn’t easy.

The only hope isn’t just wakening, but true full on honest awareness, of how werve individually being played and they continue to do if we’re not vigilant and continually aware of what this polluted milieu is trying to trigger in us continually.

Without clear vision we perish.

Maybe then we’ll find some sort of solution. No idea. But at least we can individually beat this massive lie. We’ll see if and what exists at the next level, if there even is one.

The apocalypse means unveiling  – do your really want it? It won’t be what you think, no matter what  you might think. Can you handle that?

Letting go ain’t what it used to be. 

Love, Zen