The Great Resist: Uniting Against the Empire

The Great Resist: Uniting Against the Empire

by Winter Oak, The Acorn
May 26, 2022


One of the most extraordinary achievements of the so-called Great Reset has been to create a massive new wave of worldwide resistance to its overall programme!

While Schwab et al may well have hoped that this movement would be halted by the sudden switch of emphasis from “pandemic” to war, the long-term effect looks more like broadening and solidifying resistance to a monstrous system whose many heads are now very obviously all connected to the same slimey body.

Italy, for instance, is witnessing a certain convergence, under the Great Resist banner, of opposition to vaccine passports, the EU and NATO.

Lazio councillor Davide Barillari is well known for his opposition to the “Green Pass” and associated injections.

He is also a leading opponent of the American military presence in Italy – there are dozens of US bases there, some secret, hosting 13,000 troops.

The Ukraine conflict has stoked opposition to this de facto post-WW2 occupation of Italy, with various campaigns and protests springing up.

At the end of April, Barillari published on his website an incendiary third-party text entitled “Enough lies! Italy must get out of NATO!”.

The anti-system convergence has also been noticeable at protests like that in Genoa, where people marched for “peace and freedom”.

The same phenomenon is apparent in Germany, another place with a heavy US military presence.

People have been taking to the streets across the country calling for “peace, freedom and self-determination”: in ReutlingenOsnabrückKeulenBautzenHamburgDüsseldorfPforzheim-HaidachUlmNuremberg

And in Ireland, photo-journalist Robert Pierzynski has been recording a series of freedom demonstrations, such as this one in Galway on May 22.

Outside Europe there have been protests in New YorkOttawa, Melbourne and Johannesburg, amongst many other places.

As our recent online poll unsurprisingly revealed, the vast majority of human beings have no desire to become slaves of the ruling mafia in a technocratic transhumanist world state!


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