The Making of Plandemic: Indoctornation (Plandemic II)

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The Making of Plandemic: Indoctornation (Plandemic II)

Exclusive: Behind the Making of Plan DEMlC 2

by Ben Swann, Truth in Media with Mikki Willis, Creator of ‘Plandemic’ series
August 21, 2020


[also available at TCTL BitChute, Lbry & Brighteon channels,]

Ben Swann speaks exclusively with the director of Plan Dem 2 about the origin of the film and attacks that have come against his movie.

Part 2 about the gates foundation and its ties to vaccines in India and Africa can be seen exclusively at

also see Part II below.

Cover-up of “barbaric Americans” causing mass sterilization, paralysis and death in India and Africa, effecting a half million in India alone.

Exclusive Interview: Ben Swann and Plandemic Creator Mikki Willis

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