The Scam of “Government” Explained in Less Than Five Minutes

The Scam of “Government” Explained in Less Than 5 Minutes… Now… With Memes!
“Government” Has Been the Biggest Scam in History! 

by Etienne de la Boetie2, Art of Liberty
April 25, 2024


In Government”—The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed! I break down the illegitimacy, illogical nature and criminality of “government” in 150ish pages, with another 20 pages of endnotes cataloging 776 referencesIn this short clip from a podcast, I was able to break down the basics in Five (5) minutes flat. Hat tip to David Rodrigues, the founder of the Gatto Project and Valor Academy, for adding value by editing in some examples from the book.

The weirdest thing about the scam of “Government” is that ANYONE can understand its illogical nature and immorality. Here are the basics… In memes!

  1. It is IMPOSSIBLE to Have a Legitimate, Moral and Logical “Government”

a) You can’t delegate rights you don’t have personally to a “representative” or a “government”


b) You can’t be bound by a social contract you didn’t sign

Backstory: Abolitionist and legal theorist Lysander Spooner completely destroyed the legal and moral legitimacy of the U.S. Con-stitution in his 1870 masterwork No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority, whose arguments are just as valid today.

c) If my buddy and I can’t vote to rob you because there are two of us and one of you, it doesn’t matter how many additional people vote to rob Peter to pay Paul; it is still theft and immoral.


2. The Inter-Generational Organized Crime Interests Using “Government” to Rob and Control Society Have Been Using Control of Education and Monopoly Media to Control the Information that Society Receives About “Government” to Trick Them Into Thinking “Government” is Legitimate, Desirable and Necessary.

a) Control of Education – Children are unethically and manipulatively indoctrinated with the belief in “government” in mandatory schools, and private schools whose curriculum is controlled through accreditation with the belief in “government” slipped to them as a pseudo-religion known as Statism.


b) Monopolization of the MediaSix monopoly media companies run hundreds of subsidiaries with different names to give the illusion of choice.


c) Wide-scale Surreptitious Control of Hundreds of Publishers, Editors, and Reporters at Dozens of Ostensibly Unaffiliated Wire Services, Networks and Publications Control the Information the Public Receives.


In this poster from our White Rose MUCHO GRANDE series, you can see dozens and dozens of reporters, editors and publishers from dozens of ostensibly unaffiliated news organizations apparently being coordinated through three organizations that Jeffrey Epstein was a member of and meeting regularly in secure facilities swept for bugs.


Dozens of “Ex” CIA and intelligence agency alumni make up a substantial portion of the 200ish people that are paid/allowed to talk about politics and current events on the tell-a-vision.

Video Shows News Anchors in DOZENS of Different Cities Reading off the Exact Same Script.

d) Dozens and dozens of monopoly Internet Search Engines, Social Media Sites, Video Sites, and “Fact Checkers” Algorithmically Censor the Information the Public Receives About the Legitimacy of “Government” while concealing the theft of trillions. Ex-CIA employees control content moderation at Facebook, “Ex” FBI employees were (are?) controlling content moderation at Twitter/X, while “Ex”- U.S. State Department employees are controlling content moderation at TikTok.


e) Hollywood manipulatively weaves the US flag into thousands of movies and tell-a-vision shows at moments of high, positive emotion while making the “government,” CIA, FBI, and Military the heroes to trick the population into a warm and fuzzy feeling about “government” and the enforcement class living off money stolen from them at the point of a gun.


Short 7-minute video showing 469 American Flag “Product Placements” in just 12 Michael Bay Movies.


The documentary “Theatres of War” exposes the Pentagon and intelligence agencies behind THOUSANDS of Movies and Tell-a-vision shows.


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