The Simulation of Western Civilisation

The Simulation of Western Civilisation

by 21st Century Wire
November 10, 2021


From reality,

to virtual reality,

to augmented reality,

to hyperreality…

to no reality.

That is the story of the devolution of western civilisation brought on by a fatal combination of technology being married to the ideological and financially-driven mechanisation of society.

With the recent announcement of Facebook’s looming Metaverse, the scene is now being set for the further withdrawal of large sections of the human population into the virtual void of simulacrum.

Self awareness is being fundamentally warped by a total transformation of the individual’s physical and psychological perception of physical space and time. For some, this will be seen as overt, but for many more it may be too gradual and subtle to consciously ascertain.

The ultimate tragedy of this epoch is that successive generations may not even know that they have lost anything at all – as they were born into a hyper-normalised virtual reality, increasingly devoid of any conceptualisation of that which is real and tangible, and where true authentic experiences are deferential to what algorithms are serving-up digitally in ‘real time.’

What will be the ultimate consequences for our species – socially, politically, culturally, and geographically – from this great leap sideways?

This licentious process is articulated well in the brief video below which was published by the highly controversial content channel, VertigoPolitix, but is nonetheless as concise and accurate a depiction of the current human predicament one will find: Watch: 


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cover image credit: kalhh / pixabay