Timing Shenanigans: Strange Visits to Bariloche and Antarctica

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Source:  Giza Death Star
y February 5, 2018 


Does this story ring a bell?

Yesterday, you’ll recall, I blogged about an article I received from Ms. E.C. about Secretary of State Tillerson’s visit to San Carlos di Bariloche. [See Part One Here] As you’ll recall, I don’t believe that the purpose was for giving a talk to a local nature preserve and to visit a “Fullbright scholar resident in the area,” the stories put out about the visit. I don’t believe it for a New York minute, any more than I believe that former Secretary of State John Kerry was visiting Antarctica to find out about global warming, or for that matter, that Newt Gingrich is visiting Antarctica for the wonderful kayaking there or that the Patriarch of Moscow went there simply and merely to bless the Russian Orthodox chapel. I mean, c’mon folks!  You can do better than this! If you’re going to offer nonsensical explanations for such “vacations” at least try to come up with something creative.

You’ll also recall that I suggested briefly in yesterday’s blog that all the FISA memo stuff was a distraction from bigger stories and that the big story was the defense appropriation for things – nuclear weapons – that are in my personal opinion more or less obsolescent. If that makes no sense, then just consider the implications of space-based kinetic weapons (and exploding Chinese chemical plants) and you’ll get the idea. Missing trillions? Well, if you’ve been following the work of Dr. Mark Scidmore, that’s true. Certainly missing trillions will buy you a whole gaggle of nukes, but a more plausible explanation in my mind is the “next generation stuff.”

But Ms. E.C. didn’t stop with an article about Tillerson. It seems that, concurrent with his visit to Bariloche, another big name is “in the area”. Who might that big name be? Why, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who’s company’s links to the CIA are now somewhat a matter of record. What’s he doing down there in the region? Why, he’s checking out Patagonian glaciers, that’s what:

Jeff Bezos está en la Patagonia y se enamoró del glaciar Perito Moreno

Now get this: it’s a visit, according to Bezos, to “save the planet”:

El empresario norteamericano Jeff Bezos, fundador y director de Amazon, dueño del legendario diario The Washington Post y fundador de Blue Origin, empresa que tiene como objetivo realizar viajes suborbitales y orbitales comerciales, se encuentra en la Patagonia argentina.

El multimillonario tuiteó hoy una foto frente al glaciar Perito Moreno. “Este es el impactante glaciar Perito Moreno en la Patagonia. Nosotros enviamos sondas robóticas a todos los planetas del sistema solar. Y la Tierra es lejos el mejor. Vamos al espacio, pero para salvar a la Tierra”, dijo Bezos.
And here’s the Google translator version:

The American businessman Jeff Bezos, founder and director of Amazon, owner of the legendary newspaper The Washington Post and founder of Blue Origin, a company that aims to make suborbital and commercial orbital trips, is located in the Argentine Patagonia.

The billionaire today tweeted a photo in front of the Perito Moreno glacier. “This is the impressive Perito Moreno glacier in Patagonia, we send robotic probes to all the planets of the solar system, and the Earth is far the best, we go to space, but to save the Earth,” said Bezos.

Again, as regular readers here might imagine, this story shot my suspicion meter straight into the red zone, and again, I don’t believe that Mr. Bezos is indulging his hobby of glacierology for a New York minute. Why?

Because, again, the timing of the visit, coincident with Secretary of State Tillerson’s visit to San Carlos di Bariloche, raises all sorts of red flags. Most readers of this site and of my books know the significance of Bariloche and, for that matter, of the entire Rio Negro province of Argentina, which if one thinks about it, is more or less a stone’s throw away from Patagonia and Mr. Bezos. Indeed, one would be hard pressed to see how Mr. Bezos made it down there without going through Bariloche, or perhaps through Paral, Chile (and we know what used to be there.  Can you say Cologna Dignidad?) To be sure, Mr. Bexos is wealthy enough to charter an Airbus 380 all to himself and fly to the region directly. But I think not… airports large enough to handle such an aircraft are few and far between down there… but notably, Bariloche’s can handle Air Force One (a 747… remember Mr. Obama’s little golfing junket there, along with a few NASA people), and can probably handle any of Mr. Bezos’ charter aircraft needs.

Mr. Bezos’ comments  seem to imply that the purpose of his Patagonian glacierology expedition is related to space matters… which, again, conjures that image of Mr. Obama in Bariloche with NASA folks in tow. (And let’s not forget the Chinese presence in the region, again for ostensible “space related” purposes.) So, yes, my high octane speculation is that Mr. Bezos’ visit to the region is related to Mr. Tillerson’s, and that the purpose is not glaciers or Fullbright scholarships or talks to nature preserves, though it should be noted that the “nature” angle figures as a covering story both for Mr. Tillerson and Mr. Bezos! That alone suggests to me coordination, and that the trips are, indeed, related somehow. It’s that other influence in the region that raises the questions: Nazis. Bariloche was, after all, home and headquarters, more or less, to Dr. Ronald Richter’s very strange postwar plasma experiments for Juan Peron. The so-called Nazi Estancia, the “Ranch,” a vast cordoned-off area of some 10,000 square miles, is in the region.

The important point here is that Mr. Bezos may have given a clue about the real nature of the ongoing interest of “big names” and “big money” in the region: space, and advanced technologies, and that the real purpose of these strange visits is related directly to these. In that line of reasoning, recall for a moment that Mr. Tillerson is a “big oil” man. And the region’s most famous(or infamous) scientist, Ronald Richter, was experimenting with plasmas which, according to his Air Force files (reviewed in my book The Nazi International), he believed to be capable of transducing the zero point energy. Say goodbye to oil, and hello to potentials for energy and propulsion and weapons technologies that would boggle the mind.

Meanwhile, at home, the missing trillions are still missing…

See you on the flip side…